Macau Casino, Is Their Income Increasing?

Macau officials reported fairly stable conditions in 2021 based on February’s fiscal balance. Daily results improved by 1% despite a nearly 9% drop in GGR compared to January 2021. Overall, casinos earned nearly $915 million in the shortest months.

Interestingly, the February 2021 economic results improved by nearly 136% year-on-year. At the same time, the most profitable 2019 brought in 71% more revenue in February. Predictably, all of these results are directly related to the spread of the coronavirus disease that negatively affected Las Vegas in Asia in early 2020. 경마

More specifically related to the results was allowing Macau visitors to increase the daily GGR from $32.4 million in January to $32.6 million in February. It is a little more than 1% increase from the previous month and shows a positive dynamic.

Officials also presented the number of visitors who arrived in the city. In 2019, Macau attracted more than 1.2 million people during the Chinese New Year (CNY). The COVID-19 outbreak reduced the number to 261,000 in the previous year, and the number was even more severe to 90,000 in 2021. But in terms of revenue, this year is much more positive for gambling resorts.

Macau is also waiting until it relaxes all restrictions on mainland Chinese citizens who must activate individual visit schemes before coming to Las Vegas in Asia.

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