Strange Clouds Hit by KIA-LG in Turn… Should I rather play doubleheader-Monday in the beginning

On the 5th, “rain clouds” were a hot topic in the KBO League. On this day, the whole country was expected to be mostly sunny, and it actually was. Jamsil Stadium, where the match between Doosan and KIA was scheduled, also seemed to follow such a forecast. The day was so good that there was no disruption in the players’ preparation for the game. It was just a little hot for September. Not only the home team Doosan but also the away team KIA finished training normally and waited for the play ball. The audience was also able to enter smoothly. 바카라

But it suddenly began to rain around 5:50 p.m. The eastern sky was clear, but the western sky was cloudy. It was a local downpour, a word that often appears these days due to climate change. It was also a locality among localities. Rain clouds were concentrated only in southeastern Seoul. I thought the rain clouds would move east and stop in a little while, but the rain clouds were especially dull. The heavy rain lasted more than an hour.

In the end, the stadium was flooded, and it was canceled due to the expectation that it would take too long to prepare for the game. The club, the team, and the fans were absurdly canceled.

Doosan is also Doosan, but it was canceled due to rain, which hit KIA a little more. Doosan also lost a lot of games, but it was not as much as KIA, and unlike KIA, there was comfort to avoid a series of games by playing on Monday. However, as 20 games have already been canceled, KIA, which has the tightest schedule among the 10 KBO League clubs, had to be in a different situation. With three doubleheaders scheduled, he has to visit Jamsil again for the game at the end of the season. It was better in many ways to just play regardless of the advantage or disadvantage of the starter.

This rain cloud’s grumpiness bothered Jamsil and went straight down to Suwon. It started to rain again around Suwon Stadium. It is not raining in other parts of Suwon, but there is a strange situation where only around the baseball stadium is raining. The game was delayed by as much as 104 minutes. If it was at the beginning of the season, it was a commonly called “no game.” It was leading 4-2 at the time of the suspension, and it would have been somewhat unfair if it had been a no-game for LG, which actually won 5-4.

Due to climate change, the weather in Korea has also changed significantly from 30 years ago. In fact, you can realize it by looking at the schedule of the remaining professional baseball games this year. Even if it opened similarly, it was common to finish the 144-game regular season in early October and enter the postseason. It was the same even during the Olympic break.

However, this year, the remaining games are already scheduled until October 10. Even after the remaining game schedules are announced, there are games organized later, so they will not be able to enter the postseason even then. Many of the schedules of the Korean Series will also be postponed to November.

It is natural to want to hold the most important festival in good weather. Cold weather affects the players’ performance and interferes with fans’ viewing. However, it is difficult to reduce the number of games. Already, all industries in Korean baseball are set for 144 games. The team’s income and the schedule of its partners are all set here. Reducing the number of games leads to a recession in the industry. That doesn’t mean you can just build a dome stadium. Cheongna Dome Stadium, which has been confirmed, will also open in 2028.

If so, there are many voices calling for the use of operations in the schedule. The immediate thing to think about is Monday’s game or doubleheader arrangement. It is hot in July and August, so this point is excluded, and if there is a game that is pushed back early in the April and May seasons when the day is relatively good, it is to organize a Monday game or a doubleheader. This will reduce the remaining games and schedule variables at the end of the season.

It’s not that I didn’t think about it. But the stakeholders are sharply divided. Monday’s game has the advantage of attracting fans’ attention on days when there is no game. However, the squad generally hates Monday’s game. There should be a full day’s rest a week. A club manager said, “If you have to do it, a doubleheader is better than a Monday game. As long as it’s not July or August, it’s okay,” he said.

On the contrary, doubleheaders are sometimes discouraged by the club. Crucially, it is a blow to income. On weekdays, 3 p.m. is the worst time for the club. In fact, the stadium should be played empty. Admission is more than halved. We should also listen to the thoughts of related industries such as broadcasting companies. This is why there are voices calling for KBO to move so that it can gather opinions from interested parties.

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