South Korea’s national team’s despotic Klinsman resumes his day job

Former South Korean national soccer team coach Jurgen Klinsmann

US media ‘ESPN’ posted videos on its official YouTube account on the 22nd (Korean time). Director Klinsmann appeared on the panel in the video posted by the media, drawing attention.

On the same day, Klinsmann commented on the remarks of Ange Postecoglou, who leads his former team Tottenham Hotspur along with Franck LeBeouf, Shaka Hizlop and Steve Nicholl. With the 2023-24 season nearing its end, Tottenham is currently in fifth place and is fiercely competing for the top four. At the time, Postecoglou said, “I don’t think of fourth place as an award,” and said he would not be satisfied with the ranking of fourth place.

Klinsmann opened up about Tottenham’s top-four competition as well as the UEFA Champions League quarter-final showdown between Bayern Munich and Arsenal. The two best teams in Europe will have the first and second rounds for tickets to the Champions League semifinals on April 10 and 18.

Director Klinsmann turned leader after retirement

Even when he was leading the South Korean national soccer team, Klinsman often appeared on ESPN as a panelist to comment on Tottenham’s performance and Son Heung-min’s performance. At this time, he conducted an interview by video call at his home, drawing attention by hanging a muffler in his room that read “KOREA” as if he was announcing that he was the coach of the South Korean national team.

Since then, when he was replaced as the head coach of the national team and was no longer related to the Korean national team of 토토사이트, he removed the muffler he had hung in every interview.

Klinsmann was one of the world’s leading strikers beyond Germany during his active career. He played well in many clubs including Stuttgart, Inter Milan, Tottenham Hotspur and Bayern Munich, and was a winner of the 1990 World Cup in Italy and ranked second in the Ballon d’Or vote in 1995.

Klinsmann, who transformed himself into a coach after retirement, led the German national team to a third-place finish at the 2006 World Cup in Germany. As a coach of the U.S. national soccer team, he won the 2013 CONCACAF Gold Cup, and advanced to the round of 16 at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, boosting his reputation.

There were great doubts about leadership and professional consciousness.

However, Klinsmann, who was controversial when he was the head coach of the German national soccer team, was in charge of checking players and adjusting the national team’s schedule, and made a shocking move during his time in Hertha Berlin, raising great doubts about his leadership and professional consciousness.

When Klinsmann, who took the helm of Hertha in November 2019, announced his resignation in February 2020, he unilaterally announced his resignation on Facebook without consulting the club. This was not discussed with the club’s leadership, and even Herta officials heard that Klinsmann was resigning after watching the broadcast.

In addition, a notebook was exposed that evaluated the players of Hertha’s days, and not only criticized some players, but also criticized Berlin, saying, “The club plans to be a top-notch club with top-notch players while competing for relegation.”

His performance in Berlin was so disappointing that Klinsmann was not called by any team from February 2020, when he stepped down as Berlin’s head coach, to February 2023, when he took the helm of the South Korean national soccer team.

Appointed as the head coach of South Korea’s national soccer team

After leaving Herta, Klinsmann worked for the Technical Research Group (TSG) during the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup, and after the World Cup, he was appointed as the head coach of the Korean national soccer team to replace Paulo Bento, leading the Taegeuk Warriors.

The Korea Football Association (KFA), which was looking for a replacement for Bento, signed a contract with Klinsmann until the 2026 FIFA North and Central America World Cup finals. At this time, fans who were aware of the problems that coach Klinsmann had caused in his former team expressed concern, which unfortunately became a reality.

Klinsmann had no win (three draws and two losses) in five matches before winning 1-0 in a friendly match with Saudi Arabia in September last year. He has come under fire for his lack of time in Korea due to poor performance and observation by overseas players.

During his time abroad, he often appeared in broadcasting media to comment on other teams or attend the UEFA Champions League draw, drawing complaints from fans.

lose helplessly without doing anything.

Whenever faced with criticism, Klinsmann asked for patience, saying he aims to win the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Qatar Asian Cup. Before the tournament, he told reporters and fans, “Book your accommodation until the final (Asian Cup),” showing strong confidence in advancing to the finals and winning.

However, after the Asian Cup began, they played a close game every game, raising fans’ complaints and doubts. Although they eventually reached the semifinals, they suffered a helpless defeat against Jordan, who reached the semifinals of the Asian Cup for the first time in their country’s soccer history.

Even after losing the match against Jordan, the Taegeuk Warriors couldn’t hide their sorrow, and some of them even shed tears, while smiling calmly to congratulate Jordan’s coach, which exploded the anger of the fans. To the fans’ anger, Klinsmann continued to rub the hearts of the fans, saying, “It’s hard to understand.”

In addition, a conflict broke out between Son Heung-min (Tottenham Hotspur) and Lee Kang-in (PSG) ahead of the match against Jordan, even showing signs of blaming the two players for the defeat against Jordan.

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