“It’s not goodbye, it’s just a short drop.” Dozens of people cried on the way to see them off late at night, “Goodbye Osmar.”

A lot of soccer fans visited the airport to see off a player at the departure hall of Incheon International Airport, which was set to hit midnight on Wednesday. They were neither national soccer players nor players who played in overseas leagues. However, quite a few fans visited the airport late at night. They were there to see off Osmar (35, Spain), a legendary foreign player in FC Seoul.

FC Seoul said on the 21st, “We have decided to stop accompanying Osmar for new changes and challenges in the 2024 season.” Osmar, who had been in charge of Seoul’s midfield for nine seasons from 2014 (excluding the 2018 J-League lease of Cerezo Osaka), ended his nearly decade-long accompaniment with Seoul.

Osmar has established himself as a legend of the club after 10 years of outstanding performances in Seoul. After scoring 25 points and 12 assists in 344 games during the nine seasons, Osmar established himself as a legend by setting the record for the most appearances by a foreign player in this season. In 2016, he became the first foreign captain in the club’s history to serve as a captain.

As Osmar was like this, Seoul fans could not easily let him go. Seoul fans wearing Osmar uniforms saw him off at the airport late at night. Osmar was greeted by fans with a bright smile, but he also shed tears when standing in front of them and delivering his final remarks.

According to Osmar’s farewell video released by FC Seoul’s official YouTube, he happily opened his mouth, saying, “Thank you, everyone,” but soon turned his back and swallowed his tears. 스포츠토토

“I’m sorry,” Osmar said after being quiet for a while. “I really wanted to say hi to fans.” Fans were also teary-eyed at Osmar’s remarks. “I don’t think it’s a goodbye. It’s just a short drop,” Osmar said to his fans.

Osmar left the departure hall while listening to his fans’ cheering songs. “I can’t describe the meaning of the past nine years (with Seoul) with words. I wanted to retire here, but soccer separated us,” Osmar said.

“(The fans) gave me an incredible experience. I want to say goodbye to everyone who sent me messages, but I just want to say thank you to everyone who has had an incredible journey,” he said to his fans.

In the video clip that followed, Osmar said, “I was always happy in Seoul. I want to bring back all the good memories I made in Seoul. I’m from Spain, but I feel that I’ve settled down somewhere by working and playing here.” “(Seoul) is not one of the many teams I played for, but I made friends and family here. All I have to say is thank you,” he said, expressing his gratitude to Seoul.

Meanwhile, Osmar returned to his home country after completing the KFA (KFA) Class B leadership training session that began on the 7th. FC Seoul said, “Afterwards, as a soccer leader, I conveyed that the club would do its best to help the player on the path of change if he wanted to. We will do our best to give Osmar every respect without neglecting it as an FC Seoul legend.”

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