South Korea ‘one step closer to No. 5’ with 3-0 shutout of Uzbekistan…will face Iran on Wednesday

The Korea U18 Women’s National Volleyball Team, led by head coach Kim Eui-sung, moved one step closer to fifth place.

Korea swept Uzbekistan 3-0 (25-7, 25-7, 25-12) in straight sets in the fifth to eighth place match of the Asian Volleyball Confederation (AVC) U18 Women’s Championship 2024 at the Ratchaburi Gymnasium in Ratchaburi, Thailand on Wednesday (Feb. 22). They will play Iran for the fifth and sixth place match on Wednesday.

Korea started with setters Choi Yoon-young (Ilshin Women’s College) and Apojit Park Yoon-seo (Jungang Women’s College), outside hitters Park Yeo-reum (Jungang Women’s College) and Kim Ji-yoon (Jecheon Women’s College), middle blockers 메이저 토토사이트 Jung Ah-rim (Mokpo Women’s College) and Ha Ye-ji (Sunmyeong Women’s College), and libero Jung Sol-min (Geunyoung Women’s College).

In the first set, Kim’s strategy worked. He had a lot of fun with Ha Ye-ji’s serve. Facing serve time at 1-1, Hayeji rattled the Uzbeks with a precise, targeted serve. As the Uzbek receiving line collapsed, Korea continued to get good open opportunities. This, coupled with Hayeji’s service ace, gave South Korea a huge lead.

Korea didn’t stop there. At 8-2, an Uzbek service error led to a quick 14-2 run. Jung Ah-rim shined. She continued to rack up points in the center with her aggressive passing. As the center opened up, the wing attacks also came alive. Park Yeo-seom and Park Yoon-seo added to the score. Uzbekistan, on the other hand, struggled. They were unable to respond to Korea’s strong serve and faltered badly. Korea took the first set.

The second set continued to go in Korea’s favor. In the beginning of the match, Uzbekistan focused on Korea’s main hitter Park Yeo-seom. Setter Choi Yoon-young took advantage of this and spread the ball to the center. Ha Ye-ji and Jung Ah-rim finished well to give Korea a big lead. Once the marks were distributed, Park stepped up her game. She made it 13-3 with a cool open attack.

Late in the set, Kim’s substitution paid off. At 16-4, Jung came in as a one-point server and immediately did her job, serving for 17-4 and then another 19-4. Korea never relinquished the lead and took the second set.

In the third set, Uzbekistan came out firing and showed their intention to catch up. Two consecutive kills by Park Yoon-seo gave Korea an early 6-2 lead, but Uzbekistan refused to give up. They used blocking and right wing attacks to gradually reduce the gap. This, coupled with a Korean block, brought Uzbekistan to within 6-8.

But that was it. After 12-7, Korea began to pile up the points in earnest, utilizing their twin guns. Park Yoon-seo took the lead, followed by Kim Ji-yoon. Uzbekistan didn’t go down without a fight, but the damage was done. Their impatience led to errors. South Korea, on the other hand, took it easy. An Uzbek attack error ended the game.

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