‘No Sonny’ Mourinho Reveals Best 11 That He Led… Including Drogba-Azar

Britain’s “Mirror” announced on the 15th (Korean time), “Coach Jose Mourinho released the best 11 list of players who have coached in his ‘legendary’ career.”

Mourinho, who took the helm for the first time at SL Benfica in 2000, took over as FC Porto in 2002 after UD Leiria. After winning the 2003-2004 UEFA Champions League in Porto, he headed to Chelsea in 2004 and later moved to AS Roma in 2021 after passing Inter Milan, Real Madrid, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur.

Mourinho is considered one of the most successful coaches in football, lifting six trophies for Porto, eight for Chelsea, five for Inter Milan, three for Real Madrid and three for Manchester United.

The media reported, “Mourinho appears to have appeared on a podcast of his student John Obi Mikel, who coached during his Chelsea days,” adding, “In this podcast, Mourinho made the best 11 with the players he led.”

Based on a 4-3-3 formation, Mourinho selected Eden Hazard, Didier Drogba and Cristiano Ronaldo as his strikers. Mesut Ozil, Frank Lampard, Claude Makerelega were named as midfielders, and William Gallas, William Carvalho, John Terry and Javier Sanetti were named as defense players. The goalkeeper was Peter Cech. 안전 토토사이트

The media pointed out, “There are eight Chelsea players, two Real Madrid players, and one Inter Milan player. Not a single player was included during the Manchester United and Tottenham days.” In fact, there were no Tottenham players such as Son Heung-min and Harry Kane. Mourinho showed generous affection for Son Heung-min when leading Tottenham, but it was not easy to push out Hazard and Ronaldo during the Chelsea days from the side.

Mourinho is so good at winning trophies that he is also called the “winning contractor.” Especially in tournaments, the ability is maximized. The only team Mourinho has not won is Tottenham Hotspur. In 2021, Mourinho led Tottenham in the League Cup (CarabaoCom), led by Son Heung-min and Harry Kane

He led to the final, but the club replaced Mourinho a week before the match.
Coach Mourinho said in May, “I hope Tottenham fans don’t misunderstand, but Tottenham is the only team I’m not attached to in my career.” He then stressed, “It’s because of Chairman Levi. I’m the only one who didn’t let me win the League Cup final.”

Perhaps due to his disappointment, he said, “Rome did not fire me just before the final. This club gave me a chance to lead the final. Tottenham dismissed me a week before the final at Wembley.”

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