Who is this kid? After the game, I inquired through SNS.

Hwang Yong-woon, a child who came to see Son Heung-min from Seoul, said, “I did a click ceremony because the photographers were taking pictures.” After the 14th round match of the 2023-2024 English Premier League (EPL) between Manchester City and Tottenham at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester, the U.K. on Sunday afternoon (local time), Son posted a message on his SNS. On the day, Son scored one goal and one assist to lead the team to a 3-3 draw. Tottenham escaped the quagmire of losing three consecutive games. Son was named the official Man of the Match (best player) of the match. Notably, Tottenham produced a dramatic draw by showing a strong sense of defeat but unwavering spirit.

On his social media account, Son said, “We are a team of fighters. Until the last whistle, we all cheered together and showed ourselves. It is the most important point in a difficult match.” He then posted several photos of himself. He shared his joy with his teammates and did his signature click ceremony. The last photo was eye-catching. A Korean child fan was wearing a headband reading “I Can See You Son Heung-min” and imitating his signature ceremony. The child fan winked along with the click ceremony with his fern-like hands. Attention was drawn to the child fans. SNS users expressed their envy and admiration, saying, “You have to take profile pictures on Kakao Talk for the rest of your life,” “You are a successful fan,” and “Glory of the family.” He then called him “Son Heung-min’s click pose little fan.”

Many users gave me support. Then, I got in touch with him. He conveyed his promise to meet him through SNS. On the afternoon of Saturday, he met a young fan at a cafe in his stadium after finishing his tour at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London. 스포츠토토

The hero was Hwang Yong-woon (a fourth grade student at Jamshin Elementary School in Seoul). Born in 2013, Hwang, who is 10 years old this year, was on a soccer trip with his father, Hwang Sung-jin. He entered Manchester City in the U.K. on Wednesday, the eve of the match against Manchester City. Hwang and his father are famous soccer fans. Notably, Hwang is known as a “doctoral soccer” at school and home. He is a avid soccer fan who watches not only the EPL but also the K-League and the national soccer team without fail. When his father goes on a business trip, he asks for his team’s famous player’s uniform. He also knows very well the players that his father does not know. He made his October passport for this winter’s soccer trip and flew to the U.K. in December in the cold weather. He played two matches in the EPL and had stadium tours for famous teams. He also opened a YouTube channel (Son Heung-min’s Click Pose fan) and social media to record his travel records. All right, subscribers are also flocking.

“Luckily, I got a seat for Tottenham fans. It was in the front row. I went there early and was taking many pictures. My mom was wearing a headband called ‘I Can See You Son Heung-min’ that she made for me. Photographers took pictures of me when they saw it. So I did a ‘click ceremony’ for Son Heung-min. I think it was posted in the picture.” The match against Manchester City was a splendid match. It was the first “intuitive view” even to Hwang. “It was my first Premier League match. I thought I would lose again because I scored the first goal, allowed the equalizer, and got upset. I was despairing because I have lost four consecutive games.” It was great to see Kluvski score the header. I expected the upset as well. It ended 3 to 3, but I think it was a great match. It was very good.”

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