Napoli, the ‘champion’ who was completely broken in just half a year

Napoli, which lifted the Scudetto team for the first time in 33 years last season, has been suffering from collapse since Kim Min-jae moved to Munich. Napoli is ranking fifth in the league with seven wins, three draws and four losses through the 14th round of Serie A. Although the team is still in the upper ranks, it has hardly been seen that it was ahead of the team in the last season.

Compared to last season, Napoli had 28 wins, 6 draws and 4 losses in 38 games last season when Kim Min-jae played. It scored 77 points and lost only 28 goals. The number of goals lost per game was just 0.74. Napoli scored two goals per game. The team also boasts of overwhelming firepower and solid defense with +59 goals on the difference in gains and losses.

This season is completely different. Napoli scored 26 points and 17 points in 14 games and gained +9. It has 1.2 goals per game. Compared to last season when Kim Min-jae played, he is eating 0.46 more goals per game. Of course, Kim Min-jae is not alone in defense. In terms of figures, Kim Min-jae blocked about half a goal per game.

Figures clearly show how overwhelming Kim Min-jae was in Italy. Last season, Kim scored at least 28 goals for Napoli in the league. He shone in various fields, including 1.6 tackles, 1.2 interceptions, 3.5 clearings and 0.7 shooting blocks per game. Kim Min-jae was a “wall of wailing” at Napoli, with his playing time of 3,054 minutes.

Currently, more than five months have passed since Kim Min-jae left Naples, but Napoli fans still miss him. The footsteps of Kim Min-jae are still clear. The Italian Footballers Association (AIC) selected Kim Min-jae as the best 11 member of Italy’s Serie A in the 2022-2023 season at the “Gran Gala del Galcio” ceremony on the 5th. 메이저 토토사이트

Players who led Napoli to the Serie A title for the first time in 33 years were on the list of winners last season. Starting with Victor Osimhen, who was named the best player, as many as five Napoli players, including Hvicha Kbaratshelia, Stanislav Robotka, Giovanni DiLorenzo and Kim Min-jae, dominated the best 11. The best coach award went to former coach Luciano Spalletti, the winner of Napoli. Spalletti is leading the Italian national team after stepping down from Napoli last season.

Kim Min-jae has shown impressive performance even after his transfer to Munich. Kim spent 1575 minutes overall, including the last match against Cologne, to rank No. 1 in playing time among all Bundesliga players. Rumors of Kim’s overuse were also raised in Germany. Munich’s general manager and manager Thomas Tuchel even expressed their apologies, saying Kim had to play for a long time.

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