At least two years in prison for additional crimes of possession of pornography

It has been reported that Hwang Ui-jo, a national soccer team member accused of illegally filming sex videos, recorded the exposure scene without consent while making a video call with another woman. “In the case of Hwang, given that there are many victims and the crime has been repeated several times, there is a possibility that his habitability will be recognized,” the legal community said. “If pornography is added to this, it will likely lead to at least two years in prison even if he is granted leniency.”

According to the legal community and police on the 5th, police have secured new illegal filming of Hwang in the process of investigating the victims and have begun legal review to see if additional charges of storing and possessing pornography can be applied.

The woman reportedly claims that she was secretly recorded after responding to a request to expose her body during a video call with Hwang. Based on a forensic investigation into Hwang’s mobile phone and laptop, the police plan to investigate whether he informed the victim of the recording.

Legal experts previously predicted that if this case is added to the illegal filming charges applied to Hwang, it could become a contender and increase the sentence. In addition, according to the new regulations on the purchase, storage and possession of illegal filming materials after the so-called “Nth Room Case,” there is a good chance that Hwang will be sentenced to prison.

Min Kyung-chul, a prosecutor-turned lawyer, pointed out, “Hwang and the other woman’s claims are different, but if they recorded the video call without consent, it was illegal filming,” adding, “The most important thing is whether there was consent or not.” 에볼루션 바카라사이트

“If the previous charges are combined with this case, Hwang will become a contender,” he said. “That is not necessarily the case, but the court sentence itself will be aggravated to one-half of the upper limit. It is right that the court case is treated more seriously than when there is a single charge.”

Ahn Young-rim, a former prosecutor and lawyer at a law firm, also said, “In the case of video call recording, it is not easy to prove that we have received consent,” adding, “If the victim claims that he belatedly informed and asked to delete it, it can be taken without consent. It is because consent was not obtained in advance.”

“The level of punishment will increase as it has already been committed for the second time,” he said. “There is a high possibility that the second time will be prosecuted. It would be best to reach an agreement at the trial stage.”

“(Police) may apply the crime of possession of pornography after examining in detail whether Hwang has copied and stored videos from his mobile phone to other storage media along with the period of his possession of illegal filming,” Kim So-jung, a lawyer, said. “If the crime of possession is added, it is likely that at least two years in prison will be given even if he is granted leniency. In particular, given that there are many victims and the crime has been repeated several times, there is a possibility that Hwang’s habitual behavior will be recognized.”

He added, “There is a possibility that he will be sentenced to more than three years in prison. It seems difficult to be innocent.”

Lawyer Kim Do-yoon (law office Yulsam) said, “You can be punished even if you possess or store illegal filming or copies,” adding, “In particular, punishment is being strengthened if you possess, purchase, store, or watch pornography after the Nth Room incident.”

“There is a possibility that Hwang will be punished depending on the investigation results of the investigation agency,” he added. “However, only when specific facts are revealed, we will know whether punishment is possible and the level of punishment.”

However, lawyer Cho Jo-min (EST Law Office) said, “After filming, it is stored on a mobile phone, and it is questionable whether it can be considered as a separate possession,” and predicted, “If Hwang did not separately store it in another device, I think it would only constitute a crime of filming using cameras.”

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