My elbow ligament is fine, Darvish. I have a chance to pitch again this year…”Is it wise to come back?”

He avoided major injuries, but is cautious about the possibility of returning. said on the 2nd (Korea Standard Time), “Darvishu avoided major injuries. Darvish was treated with cortisone injections.

Darvish said, “I’m somewhat relieved that nothing happened to my elbow ligament.” Coach Bob Melvin said, “I’m going to stop playing for a while.” Both players and coaches are relieved for now. said, “If Darvish’s elbow reacts to the cortisone injection, there is a possibility that he will pitch again this season.” There is a smiling bone in the elbow, and it is a situation to watch while treating inflammation. 토토

The surgery seems to have been avoided. However, added, “San Diego is nearing the point of asking itself whether it is wise to pursue Darvish’s return.”

On the 29th of last month, said, “Darvishu was placed on the 15-day injured list (IL) due to elbow inflammation,” and pointed out, “San Diego’s faint playoff hopes were seriously hurt as Darvish was put on the IL.”

Darvish is 8-10 with a 4.56 ERA in 24 games this season before leaving the injury. After 16 wins (nine losses) in 2012, his first season in the big league, he once again won 16 wins (eight losses) last year, and he has two wins left until double-digit wins this year. Just looking at individual performance, he deserves to return to the game.

However, his pitching pace has not been good lately. He lost to the Baltimore Orioles with four runs in seven innings on the 15th, lost to the Arizona Diamondbacks with four runs in five innings on the 20th, and lost to the Milwaukee Brewers with five runs in four innings on the 26th. He lost three consecutive innings as he was knocked out without completing even five innings. Recently, there have been some pitches that have not been like Darvish.

The team’s situation is worse after leaving Darvish. Even if Darvish returns and adds strength, San Diego’s fall baseball is difficult. It’s time to stop overdoing it.

San Diego broke its three-game losing streak by beating the St. Louis Cardinals 4-1 on the 29th of last month. However, he lost 5-6 to St. Louis the next day (30th) and lost again for three consecutive games.

“San Diego lost 2-7 on the first day of the series against the San Francisco Giants on the 1st,” said. San Diego has 27 games left to play until the 1st. San Diego continues to be heading in the wrong direction,” he pointed out.

Among them: “Nevertheless, Darvish is trying to return. “If my elbow is okay, I plan to take a short break and start playing catch,” he said. Darvish said, “If you go out and throw the ball, you get paid. It can be rude if you don’t make an effort to return,” he said.

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