History of Double Action Roulette

The idea for a roulette wheel with two rings with numbers was first presented in 2010. Later that year, Richard Fitoussi filed a trademark application. He was vice president of M Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is now an executive in the gambling industry.

Double-action roulette was first introduced to the general public in 2012 at the Global Game Expo, where casino enthusiasts had a chance to familiarize themselves with this new generation of gambling entertainment. Later, the roulette’s transformation first began at M Resort, the previously mentioned former workplace of Richard Fitoussi.

TCS John Huxley designed roulette wheels used in unique variations of roulette. The company is very popular in the casino industry for its high quality casino products, and the wheel for double action roulette was a true work of art. 파친코

Popular game developer International Game Technology has released its own version of the Double Action Rulelet, which also appeared on the Sky Casino website, after seeing the potential of the game. Unfortunately, there is no permanent presence of the game in athletics casinos and the online version has been removed from Sky Casino’s Table Game category, but there is always an opportunity to see the potential of the game and bring it back to athletics and online gambling.

Because double action roulette can bring new ways of casino entertainment, it’s only a matter of time before this shift in gaming hits the gambling industry.

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