‘LeBron to stay with Lakers’ agent directly dismisses trade rumors

LeBron’s agent has dismissed recent trade speculation.

On Wednesday, LeBron James’ agent, Rich Paul, spoke about James’ future in an interview. “He’s not going to be traded, and we don’t want to be traded,” Paul said.

James has been the subject of trade rumors recently. The rumor was that James and the Lakers 토토사이트 wanted to part ways.

There have been various theories as to why James would want to leave the Lakers, including conflict with Lakers brass, dissatisfaction with the current state of the team, and a feud with head coach Darvin Hamm.

The Lakers are currently a disappointing 25-25 and in ninth place in the Western Conference. The Lakers have been surrounded by rumors of trades for key players and head coaching changes throughout the season. James’ trade rumors were one of them.

However, an interview with James‘ agent seems to have put the trade rumors to rest. James will likely finish the rest of the season with the Lakers.

That doesn’t mean James will be with the Lakers long-term. James has a $51 million player option for the 2024-2025 season. A player option is a contract that turns into a guaranteed contract if the player chooses to exercise it, and a free agent if the player declines. This means that James can either stay with the Lakers or become a free agent next season, depending on his wishes.

A variable is the NBA status of James’ son, Brownie James. Brownie James is currently a freshman at USC. James has consistently expressed his desire to play with his son. If he declares for the NBA Draft next season, James’ future will become intertwined with his own.

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