KOC’s Dangerous Explanation on ‘Separate Training Controversy’ “Olympics Is War”

Underscoring the legitimacy of Marine Corps training with logic contrary to the Olympic Charter and Code Despite negative public opinion, the training plan, including field trips to the Marine Corps in Pohang, was implemented on the 7th. People mocked and criticized on social media and explained, “We will minimize what we think negatively.”

“How can you take this position? Is it an agency under the Ministry of National Defense?”

Despite negative public opinion, the Korean Olympic Committee is pushing ahead with plans to train the national team’s athletes in the marines. It has been confirmed that the committee’s cadres of athletes’ training planning department visited the Marine Corps Division 1 in Pohang, North Gyeongsang Province on Tuesday. A 說話 against the times seems to be becoming a reality. 파워볼게임

In particular, an executive of the sports association’s athlete training planning department expressed his position on the issue. The executive stressed the justification of Marine Corps training, describing the Paris Olympics as a “war” in CBS No Cut News’ related coverage. “Large-scale events such as the Paris Olympics are national competitions, so we didn’t just raise the gun. It is a war,” an executive of the sports association said. “That is why we plan to provide mental education on the importance of the national view and the national team, and the pride of the national team.”

This can be interpreted as the logic that the training of the Marine Corps is necessary (to participate in the Olympics) because the Olympics is a war. However, this position of the A official runs squarely counter to the Olympic Charter and Code.

The Olympic Charter stipulates in Article 1 of the basic principle that “the purpose of the Olympic movement is to contribute to the maintenance of human peace and humanity by bringing athletes from around the world to friendly competitions that are beyond their interests.” In addition, the Olympic Code states that “the significance of the Olympic Games is not to win, but to participate, and what is important to humans is to try rather than succeed.”

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