‘400 million’ settlement money was given… Kim Ha-sung is embroiled in a truth battle over ‘common assault vs blackmail’

Kim Ha-sung’s agency Summit Management said on the 7th, “As reported, Kim Ha-sung filed a complaint against him because he was constantly blackmailed and threatened by a junior player, and he attended the police station yesterday and completed the investigation of the complainant.” 메이저 토토사이트

Kim Ha-sung, who started his professional career by joining Kiwoom after being selected in the second third round (29th) of the 2014 rookie draft, played as Korea’s best shortstop in the KBO League with a batting average of 294 (940 hits in 3195 at-bats) with 133 home runs, 575 RBIs, 606 runs, and 134 stolen bases.

Kim Ha-sung, who challenged to advance to the Major League through posting after the 2020 season, achieved his dream of advancing to the big league by signing a two-year contract worth 28 million U.S. dollars with a four-year guarantee with San Diego. Although he struggled a bit in his first year since debut, he had the best season this year with a batting average of .266 (140 hits in 538 at-bats) with 17 homers, 60 RBIs, 84 runs and 38 steals with an OPS of .749. In defense, he also showed top-notch defense in all infield positions excluding first baseman, and succeeded in winning the Gold Glove Award in the utility category of the National League. He is the first Korean to win the Gold Glove Award and the first Asian infielder to win the Gold Glove Award.

Kim Ha-sung, who came back to Korea after the best year, was engulfed in unsavoury things before the new season. Kim Ha-sung played for Kiwoom together and had a drinking party with A, who retired from active duty, before entering the Major League in 2021. However, a dispute broke out with Kim Ha-sung and A, which led to a physical fight. Later, Kim Ha-sung paid A a settlement of hundreds of millions of won to settle the situation. It is known that he paid a total of 400 million won.

Since then, the relationship between Kim Ha-sung and A seemed to have recovered well. In the first year of Kim Ha-sung’s advance to the Major League, A went to the U.S. together as Kim Ha-sung’s training assistant. We spent the 2021 season together.

However, even after receiving the settlement money, A continued to demand money and goods, and Kim Ha-sung, who could not stand it, sued A for blackmail and intimidation. Kim Ha-sung attended the police station on the 6th and completed the investigation of the complainant, and the police have begun an investigation based on this.

Player A appeared on a YouTube channel on the 7th and claimed that Kim Ha-sung habitually assaulted him. Contrary to Kim Ha-sung’s claim that the agreement was completed, he said that he should receive additional settlement money because he was constantly assaulted even after the agreement.

Amid the conflicting arguments between the two sides, the specific facts are expected to be revealed only when a police investigation is conducted. Kim Ha-sung, who had the best season, was embroiled in an unsavory controversy.

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