Kim Ha-sung is the complainant. He claims to be the victim

Gangnam Police Station in Seoul reported on the 7th that Kim Ha-sung has sued A, a former baseball player, on charges of racketeering and attempted blackmail. Kim Ha-sung also admitted this fact.

The complaint was filed late last month, and the investigation of the complainant has already been completed. Just before Kim Ha-sung entered the U.S., he allegedly got into a physical fight with A while drinking at a bar in Gangnam, Seoul, and handed him a large amount of money after being asked for settlement money. But why did he give the settlement money and why did he file a complaint belatedly.

I’m curious about how much physical struggle there was and exactly how much the settlement was, but the important thing is that Kim Ha-sung paid the settlement. Whatever it was, admitting his fault. The problem is that when Kim Ha-sung won the major league after that, he asked for additional money and valuables under the pretext of this.

It seems that I could no longer bear to keep asking for money with a case that had already ended. It seems that he decided that it would be better to cut it off if the incident was known to the world, but if the threat continued with this weapon..

Kim Ha-sung and Kiwoom’s predecessor Nexen Heroes played together. He is Kim Ha-sung’s junior. He joined Nexen in the mid-2010s and ended his career early. There is no record of playing in the first division at all. 사설 토토사이트

However, he remained close to Kim Ha-sung even after his retirement. Although he ended his career early, he remained close to Kim Ha-sung in baseball. Kim Ha-sung is known to have long been close to several teammates of the Heroes, including the perpetrator.

Kiwoom is in trouble. Since his former player has been sued, he has no choice but to deal with it, but since he left the team a long time ago, it seems strange that he is actively seeking to solve the problem. Kim Ha-sung is also a San Diego Padres player in the Major League, not a member of Kiwoom now.

Kim Ha-sung’s side emphasizes that there was no assault. He described it as a scuffle. If it is true, it is assumed that he grabbed him by the collar because he was so excited.

Then why did he hand over hundreds of millions of won when he didn’t even hit him? This is something that is not easily understood in common sense. The time of the incident was when the whole country was paralyzed by COVID-19.

Due to strict quarantine rules, more than four people could not gather at the restaurant and had to close at 9 p.m. It is time when entertainment bars and others cannot open at all. It seems necessary to check the facts of the situation in which Kim Ha-sung and A, who were pointed out as the perpetrator, got into a fight.

We contacted Kim Ha-sung several times to confirm the facts, but the response came back saying, “It is difficult to reveal the details due to the investigation.” Kim Ha-sung added that he will reveal his specific position according to the progress of the investigation in the future.

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