“Confidence is NO, possibility is YES.”

San Francisco Giants general manager Pete Putila gave a frank evaluation of Lee Jung-hoo (Kium Heroes) at this point. San Francisco is known to be the club that most strongly wants Lee Jung-hoo this winter. General manager Putila came all the way to Korea in October and watched Lee Jung-hoo’s game in person.

According to a report by Major League Baseball’s official website MLB.com on the 6th (Korea time), General Manager Putila recalled his visit to Korea and expressed satisfaction, saying, “It was a great business trip.” 바카라사이트

Putila said, “Lee Jung-hoo showed six to seven swings in one at-bat. It was nice to see him in person. Before the game started, I also checked the scene where he caught the fly ball. Just going to the stadium gave me the highest energy.”

Many local media outlets appraise Lee’s ransom as at least 10 million dollars per year. ESPN estimated that the five-year figure would be 63 million dollars, that the Major League Trade Rumors (MTR) would be 50 million dollars for five years, and that the Athletic would be 56 million dollars for four years.

However, Putila is not convinced that Lee Jung-hoo will succeed easily. Coincidentally, Lee Jung-hoo played only 86 games this season due to an ankle injury. Kim Ha-sung (San Diego Padres) also had a batting average of 0.202 in 2021, his first season in the Major League. Kim Ha-sung is a good comparison target.

“It has become a little more difficult (to analyze with precision). Several scouts are analyzing the connection between the two players (Kim Ha-sung and Lee Jung-hoo). We are looking into what kind of difficulties we will face and what kind of adjustments we need to make,” Putila said.

MLB.com said, “The KBO League is batter-friendly. If you look at long-term data, there is a lot of work to be done (when KBO league hitters advance to the Major League). It is questionable whether Lee Jung-hoo’s power will work in the Major League.” Putila expected a question mark and full potential. “Obviously, this is a jump. But some players think they can do it,” Putila said.

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