“I was afraid” Park Yoo-yeon confessed to driving under the influence of alcohol… Should I apply a crime of good faith

It was shocked to learn that Doosan Bears catcher Park Yoo-yeon (25) hid his license for drunk driving without immediately reporting it to the club. Park Yoo-yeon was caught driving under the influence of alcohol while driving near his home at the end of September. It was a problem to get behind the wheel the morning after drinking.

Doosan received an anonymous tip three months after the drunk driving incident. The informant informed the team that a 1.5-tier catcher was driving under the influence of alcohol, and the team obtained Park’s confession after an internal investigation. Doosan reported it to the KBO Clean Baseball Center right after the investigation. Regarding the fact that he did not immediately report it to the team at the time of the investigation, Park reportedly said, “I was very afraid.” 메이저 토토사이트

Although it is considered as “hangover driving,” it will be difficult to avoid severe punishment as he was suspended from his driver’s license. “I would like to ask the players to follow this advice. Please keep the rule that you should not drink, manipulate matches, commit sex offenses, or take drugs as prohibited matters.” “We have deeply experienced that some players’ deviations have dealt a huge blow to the entire baseball community recently.” Kang, who was seeking to return to the KBO League after completing his drunk driving disciplinary action, was forced to give up his will in the end due to the president’s strong attitude.

According to KBO regulations on punishment for drunk driving, those who are first caught suspending their driver’s license will be suspended for 70 games, and those who are first found to have their license revoked will be disqualified for one year. They are disqualified for five years for drunk driving twice, and those who are disqualified for three or more times will be disqualified permanently.

As Park’s driver’s license has been suspended, it is certain that he will be suspended for 70 games. Doosan does not have the capacity until at least the first half of next season. The KBO will hold a disciplinary committee meeting soon to decide whether to take additional disciplinary action including community service as well as suspension of his participation.

Doosan manager Lee Seung-yeop has emphasized the importance of backup catchers as he prepares for next season. Park Yeon-yu, Jang Seung-hyeon, and Ahn Seung-han were scheduled to fiercely compete to select No. 2 catchers to share the burden of Yang Eui-ji, the team’s main catcher. In the second draft held last month, Park appointed Kim Ki-yeon, a promising player for the LG Twins, as the first round, and invested 400 million won (34,000 U.S. dollars) to nurture backup catchers. Park has dealt a serious blow to the team’s plan.

Aside from the KBO’s disciplinary action, Doosan will hold its club responsible for hiding DUI. “We plan to hold a disciplinary committee meeting early next week,” a Doosan official said in a telephone interview with Spotify News on Tuesday. Doosan is agonizing over the level of disciplinary action.

There was a similar case with Park Yeon-bin recently. Bae Young-bin (23), a former infielder of the Lotte Giants, was caught belatedly after failing to inform the club even after being caught for drunk driving. Bae had a drinking party somewhere in Seoul on October 23 and called a chauffeur service driver, who was caught by police crackdown while pulling his car out of an alley. His blood alcohol content was at the level of revocation of his driver’s license, and the KBO handed him a one-year disqualification and 80-hour social service punishment. Lotte held its own disciplinary committee and decided to release Bae. The result reflected the disgraceful crime it had hidden in the club. Park tried to hide the incident to the club because he was afraid to see Bae’s case, but he could not hide the sky with his palm.

Park Yoo-yeon graduated from Dongsan High School and joined Doosan as the 60th pick in the sixth round of the second rookie draft in 2017, raising expectations as an offensive catcher. Although the growth rate was slower than expected due to chronic knee injuries, the club waited believing in the possibility.

Even when the competition for catcher was complicated by the recruitment of Kim Ki-yeon, a Doosan official said, “It is difficult to conclude that Park Yeon-yu is not a catcher. It is true that he is not in a situation where he can train strongly due to knee problems, but he still has the will to become a catcher.”

Park Yoo-yeon’s overall first-team performance is 28 games, batting average of 0.250 (9 hits in 36 at-bats), on-base percentage of 0.289, slugging percentage of 0.306, and three RBIs. Starting next season, he started to show his skills on the first-team stage in earnest, but all his efforts were on the verge of going up in smoke in an instant.

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