“Am I a 1.7 million YouTuber, making my professional debut?” Bundesliga second-division player makes his first impressive appearance at age 27

Sports media ‘Sports Bible’ reported on the 7th (Korea time), “Nader El Zindawi, who is making a splash on YouTube, debuted as a professional on Wednesday.”

Nader mainly produces videos featuring his daughter with his wife Louisa, and has 1.75 million subscribers to the “Jindawi” channel that the couple runs together. Family vlog content has an average of millions of views, and Nader’s Instagram followers reach 2 million.

At Hertha Berlin, a second-tier German Bundesliga team, Nader now has a big chance. On Wednesday night, he finally played professionally at the age of 27, replacing Hamburg in the DFB Pokal match.

The match was held in front of 60,000 fans at the Olympia Stadion, the venue for the Euro 2024 final, and Hertha Berlin scored the equalizer at the end of extra time to enter the penalty shootout. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

Former Everton defender John Jocheny scored a penalty, and Hertha Berlin won as Nader, a fan of Hertha, wore a uniform number 17 and scored a penalty in the penalty shootout.

The winger mainly played for Regioniga, the fourth division of German football. However, he finally got the chance and played for 40 minutes in the first division, creating unforgettable memories for the rest of his life.

Nader’s post on Instagram after the match, “Dreams come true,” garnered more than 200,000 likes. Another video showed his excitement and passion for the achievement he just made.

Nader has 2.6 million followers on TikTok, but before he’s an influencer, he thinks of himself as a soccer player. He said in an interview, “The end of the day was soccer after all. I’ve played soccer all my life. Some people like to say I’m a influencer, but I’m a soccer player and I’m sharing a part of my life. But if you Google me, I’m a soccer player. I think so too.”

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