Hwang Ui-jo Can’t Forever Taegeuk Mark… Police “Secure Solid Evidence”

Police are opening up various possibilities and checking whether there are criminal charges against Hwang Ui-jo (31, Norwich City), the national soccer team, who is charged with illegal filming and investigated.

An official from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency made the remarks at a regular press conference on the 4th when asked if Hwang’s side is investigating the victim for specific actions.

The official said, “If Hwang is responsible for the second offense, whether it is a law firm (Hwang’s side) or Hwang himself, we will also investigate the part extensively.”

Earlier, the law firm representing Hwang claimed in a statement issued on the 22nd of last month that it had “agreed” on the allegations of illegal filming and said, “The other woman is a public figure in broadcasting and is even married.” 메이저 토토사이트

Regarding Hwang’s alleged illegal filming, the police said, “We have almost completed digital forensics and are continuing to investigate those involved,” adding, “We need to investigate Hwang further, so we plan to ask him to attend as soon as the schedule is adjusted.”

The police also drew a line on Hwang’s defense that Hwang’s brother-in-law, who was sent to the prosecution on charges of distributing the video in question on social networking services (SNS), was innocent.

A police official stressed, “We cannot reveal it in detail because the investigation is underway, but we have secured faithful and solid evidence.”

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