Game giant alleges violation of Fifth Amendment

In its legal claims, MGM described an incident that ultimately disabled its IT systems. The gaming and entertainment company revealed that Khan and an “unnamed senior aide” happened to be guests at one of its Las Vegas properties, including media reports. The visit came during a cyberattack and Khan was reportedly asked to print out his credit card details while MGM’s system went down.

Shortly thereafter, a CID was filed from the FTC in January. “The legal justification that the FTC has argued for a CID is two financial services regulations, both of which are virtually not applicable to MGM. Based on this, the FTC seeks to force MGM to produce more than 100 categories of information in violation of Article 5 of the FTC Act,” MGM wrote in its legal argument. 토토사이트 추천

More importantly, the game operator claimed that her rights under the Fifth Amendment were violated. This comes in light of Khan’s involvement and her refusal to reject her in this case despite MGM’s request. The company was also concerned about the FTC’s disqualification as chairman, which “despite her personal involvement in the subject of the investigation, is in direct violation of applicable case law and deprives MGM of its right under the Fifth Amendment.”

The major gaming and entertainment operator has reaffirmed that it continues to work with the Federal Bureau of Investigation to help bring those behind the cyberattacks to justice.

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