Domestic violence scandal’s → 21-point average explodes despite 1-year hiatus… Devil’s talent, this time in free agency?

Could Bridges hit the free agency jackpot?

Yahoo Sports reporter Jake Fisher discussed Charlotte Hornets forward Miles Bridges on Wednesday (Dec. 22).

Bridges is a forward with explosive athleticism and scoring ability. He utilized his strengths to his advantage, averaging 20.2 points per game in his fourth year, and began to showcase his talents on the NBA stage.

Coming off the Rookie Scale, Bridges has been heavily touted as one of the top forward targets for the summer of 2022. If all went according to plan, he was expected to be a 홀덤 free agent sensation.

However, Bridges’ free agency was interrupted by a domestic violence scandal. He didn’t sign a big contract and lost a full season in his prime. After spending the 2022-2023 season without a team, he accepted a qualifying offer from Charlotte to return to the NBA.

His talent was still there after a long absence. Despite the team’s poor record in 2023-2024, he showed off his offensive prowess by averaging a career-high 21.0 points per game.

With his health in check, Bridges is set to hit the free agency jackpot once again. Fisher reports that he could command a salary of $30 million or more, and Charlotte, which is in the midst of a rebuild, could pursue a sign-and-trade.

Charlotte has already shipped out key members of its roster at the last trade deadline, including Gordon Hayward, Terry Rozier, and P.J. Washington. The Hornets have also been rumored to be in talks with several teams and have reportedly pursued a trade involving Brooklyn’s bad contract Ben Simmons.

Fisher writes, “Charlotte has already made moves at the February trade deadline as a seller to solidify its rebuilding path. Charlotte has forward Miles Bridges’ impending free agency, and sources say Bridges could command a $30 million salary. If given the opportunity, the Nets would likely part ways with Bridges via a sign-and-trade,” said a source familiar with the situation.

“Charlotte had talks with Brooklyn in February about dealing Bridges as part of a package to acquire Ben Simmons, and Sacramento was another team that inquired about Bridges at the deadline.”

For Charlotte, it would be nice to keep Bridges, but if his salary becomes too high, they could part ways with him in a sign-and-trade with a counteroffer. Charlotte is also reportedly looking at Brandon Miller, Lamar Miller, and Mark Williams as part of their rebuilding core. But what will they do with Bridges after his breakout season?

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