Youth basketball siblings met in Jeonju, brother is a basketball creator?!

Good brothers who love basketball.

On the 22nd, the first round of the ‘2024 Jeonju Basketball i-League’ was held at Gijeonjung Gymnasium in Jeonju, Jeonbuk. The first round was the U10 qualifiers, and a total of 22 teams (7/7/8) participated in the Jeonju Basketball i-League in three categories (U10/12/15).

The seven U10 teams were divided into groups A and B to start the iLeague. In Group A, Jeonju KCC finished the first round with one win and one loss. Jeonju KCC has a youth brother player. The brothers shared the court together in their last match, 먹튀검증 but it wasn’t a victory.

“I said I wanted to play basketball, but my dad kept opposing me, but I was sleepy because I wanted to continue, and I started playing basketball in the second grade of elementary school,” said Jeon Jeon Chae-yoon (Hwajeongcho 4).

His younger brother, Jeon Cha-yoon (Hwajeongcho 1), naturally followed in his footsteps and started playing basketball. “I started following my brother, and I’m becoming more like him. It’s fun to play basketball with your hands and run around,” said Jeon.

The brothers started playing basketball early and have experienced many tournaments. In terms of tournaments, the younger brother has more than the older one.

“I’ve been going to tournaments with my brother for a long time, but recently I injured my arm and couldn’t go to a tournament. It hurt a little bit, but I wanted to play in the I League, so I played through it,” said Jeon Jeon-yoon (the elder brother). “Usually we just play, but when we play together, we get along well. When we win, we all say ‘wow’ together, but when we lose, we blame each other.”

The brothers’ father, Jeon Hong-geun, also works not far from basketball. He works at the Jeollabuk-do Special Psychology & Motor Development Center and recently worked with athletes at the Special Olympics Para Basketball 3×3. The father and son communicated through basketball and traveled to games together.

“When KCC left Jeonju, my children suffered,” says Jeon, “and when we went to Busan to watch a KCC game, my two sons were surprised to see the crowd in the gym. “When we went to Busan, I got motion sickness because there were so many people,” Jeon laughed.

After the first round, the siblings are looking forward to a honeyed weekend. Jeon also revealed a special hobby of his brother’s.

“I thought I could win both matches, but in the last match, I got sick and fell down and cried. I want to go home and watch TV dramas and entertainment to relax,” Jeon said. “My dad is my manager, and I’m going to make a video of my performance in the tournament and post it on my channel ‘ShiYoon Chayoon TV’,” he said.

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