Discovering Ancient Japan in Igdrasil and Peter and Son Slot: The Legend of Musashi

As the title suggests, the game’s main theme is Japanese swordsman Musashi. The games are played in very peaceful buildings with lanterns, tiled roofs, and shiny wooden floors.

A powerful slot mechanism developed by Igdrasil, GATI offers B2B partners the opportunity to acquire legal, approved, pre-configured company development tools that enable rapid production and rapid distribution of innovative content.

The game has 4,096 winning ways and a 6×4 grid.

Basic low value symbols are card suits from blue diamonds, green clubs, red hearts, and purple spades, while bonus high value symbols are samurai weapons such as nunchaku, kanabo, tessen, and tanto. Combining 6 types of low-value symbols represents 0.5 times the amount the player bets on and increases from 0.8 to 0.9 times for 6 types of high-value symbols.

However, there are special bonus symbols Misoshi and Lady, and six of them together are worth three to four times a player’s bet!

The cascade function removes the winning scatterpoint symbol from the grid, allowing the symbol remaining in the reel to be replaced. This feature will continue unless there is a new championship.

Wild replaces the usual pay symbol and is marked with the letter “W”.

Power Mode Function – When 3 scatchers land, they stack up to 65 scatchers. Each group of 65 scatters triggers a power mode. During this feature, players are rewarded with 3-10 lives of ninja stars. However, when Wilde appears, he becomes Expanded Wilde and takes one life. When the player’s life is over, this function will be terminated. If more wilds occur on the board than life, the wilds move from left to right until all life disappears. 바카라

Super Free Spin – When 65 spawning groups reach 650 spawns, the player executes this function. This feature is the same as Monster Free Spin, but as long as the feature persists, the multiplier remains unchanged.

Monster Free Spin – When you collect three scatters, the player is rewarded with 10 free spins and two additional free spins for each scatter. During this round, the wild becomes the extended wild and the multiplier is reset after every free spin. Each time a scatter appears, the additional free spin is compensated and the initial value of the multiplier increases by +1.

Monster Multiplier – This function represents a Win multiplier that increases by +1 on all new cascades. The multiplier resets when the cascade ends. However, the multiplier will not be reset as mentioned above throughout the Super Free Spin Round.

Buy Free Spin Buy Scatter – If available, this feature allows players to buy free spins (10-16 are randomly rewarded). Alternatively, you can purchase the Power Mode feature.

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