Tottenham, which was ruined like that, came in first place…a constant negative revaluation of a master

Tottenham defeated Luton Town 1-0 in the eighth round of the 2023-24 Premier League (PL) at Kenilworth Road Stadium in Luton, England, at 8:30 p.m. (Korea time) on the 7th. With the victory, Tottenham topped the league with six wins and two draws (20 points).

Tottenham manager Enje Postecoglou said after the game that the current No. 1 ranking means nothing, but the clear feeling is that Tottenham is different now from Tottenham in the past. Right now, compared to last season alone, it has changed to the extent that it seems to be the same team.

It was Tottenham who played boring soccer under Conte and soccer that only sought victory but did not win. Conte was at odds with the squad, and the team was divided. The decision made by Tottenham’s leadership after Conte’s departure was the worst of the worst. As a result, it became the worst season in 14 years to fail to advance to the European competition.

It hasn’t been long since Postecoglou took over for the team, but I don’t even remember Tottenham, which was grim under Conte. Since Son Heung-min joined Tottenham, the atmosphere of the team also seems to be the best. His performance is also the most stable. It can’t be said that the number of runs is small, but it has become very stable compared to last season. Not to mention the offensive power. It is the highest level of competitiveness in the league.

After the match, England’s “The Athletic” said, “The players working with Postecoglou are much better. It is natural for players to adapt faster to coach Postecoglou’s tactics. “The quality of the players as well as the attitude of the team since Postecoglou took office has been very good,” he said, adding that the team is moving successfully. 안전놀이터

Tottenham players are enjoying a completely different football from last season. Unlike last season, when the coach had to play according to the tactics he wanted, he played aggressive soccer and enabled active play by players.

The media said, “Some Tottenham training ground sources told me how disillusioned he was under Conte and how different he was trying to do.”

Conte is one of Europe’s best masters, successful at world-renowned Juventus, Chelsea and Inter Milan, but he has clearly failed at Tottenham. Even if the composition of the squad has changed a lot, Tottenham is still considered not to be at the top, but the team has changed 180 degrees because one coach has changed.

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