‘Deokbae’ house was robbed ‘Shocked’… 86,000 pyeong of land → equipped with a swimming pool, basketball court, and jacuzzi → Fortunately, the three children and their wives are safe

Kevin De Bruyne, the captain of Manchester City in the English Premier League, led Manchester City’s treble last season. As the captain of the team, he lifted three cups – the FA Cup, the Premier League, and the Champions League – all at once.

Bruyne, who injured his hamstring last season, unfortunately suffered an injury in the opening game of this season’s EPL. He started in an away game against Burnley in the opening game of the 2023-2024 season on August 12, but was replaced in the 21st minute of the first half after complaining of hamstring pain. 온라인경마

Bruyne, who suffered a hamstring injury at the end of last season but continued to play, devoted himself to rehabilitation during the break. So he sat on the bench without playing in a friendly match with Korea. However, he hurt his hamstring again in the opening game and has not been able to return to the game until now.

Currently, Bruyne is reportedly training in Saudi Arabia for rehabilitation and rehabilitation. However, while Bruyne from Belgium was away, his house was robbed.

The Sun of the U.K. reported on the 18th that “Manchester City Star’s 70-acre house was looted by robbers.” Fortunately, not only Bruyne but also his family were able to escape the anger thanks to the flight to Saudi Arabia.

The robber broke into Breiner’s Belgian home on the 16th local time. Breiner’s home reportedly covers 70 acres. It has a whopping 86,000 pyeong. The land where the mansion is located was purchased in 2015 and is said to be used as a resting place for his stay in Belgium. It is said that a swimming pool, basketball court, and Jacuzzi are installed.

The robbers entered Bruyne’s home on the outskirts of the deserted city on Saturday, according to local news media in Belgium. The robbers allegedly broke into the property using a folding ladder. They stole numerous items but the exact list was unknown, according to media. Fortunately, nobody was at the home at the time. The three young children and their wife left for Saudi Arabia.

And it is said that the Bruyne family normally stays at their home in Whimslow, Cheshire, England. Currently playing for Manchester City, the Belgian house is usually empty.

Manchester City arrived in Saudi Arabia to participate in the FIFA Club World Cup, where it is taking place. He couldn’t play due to a hamstring injury, but he flew to Saudi Arabia as a member of the 23-squad team.

Meanwhile, Bruyne is expected to return soon. “I’m doing really well. I’m getting closer and closer to returning. I’ll be able to play in the new year,” he said over the weekend.

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