Lee Jong-beom, who can’t help but be happy… Lee Jung-hoo, “Thank you, Father, for always believing.”

Lee Jung-hoo, who finished the 2023 season and challenged the Major League through a posting system (closed competitive bidding), signed a six-year total of $113 million (about 148.4 billion won) with San Francisco on the 15th.

Lee broke the record for posting money in Asian Beast history. He beat Masataka Yoshida’s five-year posting money of $90 million, Seiya Suzuki’s five-year posting money of $85 million, and Kodai Senga’s five-year posting money of $75 million.

In addition to setting a new record for posting money in the history of Asian fielders, Lee also won the opt-out (FA Declaration after the destruction of the contract) in four years. If Lee performs well in the Major League, he has created conditions for him to win another major contract at the end of his 20s. Lee has signed a blockbuster contract.

Lee Jung-hoo held a joining ceremony at Oracle Park, San Francisco’s home stadium, on the 16th. Lee’s mother and father Lee Jong-beom attended the ceremony. Lee Jung-hoo introduced Lee Jong-beom’s nickname, Son of the Wind, and his nickname, Son of the Wind.

San Francisco gave Lee Jung-hoo’s parents a seat in the front row and gave them consideration to visit Oracle Park. San Francisco’s official social media welcomed Lee Jung-hoo, Lee Jong-beom and Lee Jung-hoo’s mother by posting photos.

Lee Jung-hoo, who changed the history of the KBO League’s major league challenge with such great hospitality, showed his appearance as a “good son” at a press conference on his return to Korea on the 19th, giving credit to his parents for advancing to the big league.

“Without my mother’s dedication, I couldn’t have grown this much,” Lee said. “My mother did everything that my father couldn’t do for me when I was active. I want to say thank you to my mother,” Lee said. “My father has never expressed opposition when it comes to my choices. He always trusted me. I am so grateful to my father.” 슬롯머신

“I want to do everything (to my parents),” he said, adding, “They are not people who want to do something (something) in particular because of their personality, but I want to do it on my own with a sense.”s flagship batter after signing a large-scale contract. The first person that came to mind was his parents. Lee Jung-hoo is also a major league player.

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