“You have 5 games left Will it be a chance to rebound from Lotte…Hanwha’s 7th place advance chance? With the remaining 5 games of competition

At this point, the target is Lotte Giants in seventh place.

As of the 20th, the Hanwha Eagles have played 124 games, with a total of 20 games left. Lotte is up against Lotte in five of the 20 games. On the other hand, he finished 16 games and the regular season schedule with the Doosan Bears. There are especially many Lotte games left among the nine opposing teams. 토토사이트

After KBO announced an additional schedule at the end of last month, three games against Lotte were canceled due to rain. Following August 29-30, the additional games were canceled due to rain on the 20th. All three games were scheduled to take place at Daejeon Baseball Stadium.

At the end of the season, a fiery ranking competition between lower-ranked teams will take place.

Lotte was on a roll at the beginning of the season. I was in the middle of the fight for first place and fell to the middle. Due to repeated sluggishness, it fell to seventh place. Slightly out of the race for fifth place.

As of the 20th, 58 wins and 65 losses and a winning rate of .472 percent. It is 5.5 games behind the fifth-ranked SSG Landers and 4.5 games behind the sixth-ranked KIA Tigers. In September, he posted seven wins and seven losses and a winning rate of 50%.

Hanwha is right below Lotte in seventh place. He is in eighth place, 4.5 games behind. Hanwha, which has escaped from last-place phobia for four consecutive years, is in seventh place for the rest of the season. The number of cases is intertwined, but if you do well in a match, the ranking may change. He had four wins and seven losses. He was far behind in the opponent team’s performance.

He was swept in the first three games. It gave up all three consecutive away games in Busan from April 26-28. Lotte’s 1st to 3rd starters Dan Strayley, Na Kyun-an and Charlie Barnes started against Hanwha in turn. Hanwha scored two points and allowed 14 runs in three games.

In the three consecutive games in Busan from June 13-15, they had two wins and one loss and a winning series. This is a time when Lotte, which had been on the rise at the beginning of the season, sank.

Lotte won 5-2 in the match against Daejeon on August 31, the first game of the second half. Acting coach Lee Jong-un won his first victory against Hanwha.

With 21 games left, Lotte is aiming to rebound the atmosphere. After acting coach Lee takes the helm, he finds stability. Five games against Hanwha may act as a big variable.

In 2023, when there were many ups and downs, Hanwha has to compete in the rankings until the end of the season. It is no longer a rebuilding team that gives prospects experience later in the season. In order to take off in 2024 and 2025, there should be more winning games.

At this point, the target is seventh and Lotte.

Hanwha will travel to Busan from the 28th to the 29th. The Lotte match will follow after two consecutive games against the ninth-ranked Samsung Lions from the 26th to the 27th.

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