Yang Chang-seop, a right-hander of the Samsung Lions in professional baseball, was embroiled in a controversy that he intentionally threw the ball into the opponent’s body

Yang Chang-seop took the mound at the bottom of the seventh inning with one out and runners on first and third base, trailing 7-13 against the SSG Landers of the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 24th.

Yang Chang-seop played a series of physical matches after catching Choi Jung’s first strike, and the fourth ball brushed Choi Jung’s uniform, making it a hit ball. 바카라사이트

Choi Jeong looked at Yang Chang-seop once and headed to first base. Commentator Oh Jae-won, who was broadcasting the game, said, “This is a direct hit,” adding, “I hate this situation the most.”

After Yang Chang-seop took off his hat and apologized to Choi Jung, who went to first base, commentator Oh Jae-won added, “There is no need to apologize for this.” It was a tone that Yang Chang-seop was sure to hit Choi Jeong on purpose.

Since then, Yang Chang-seop has doubled Guillermo Herredia with one out and full base, blocking the inning without additional runs.

After the game, Yang Chang-seop posted on his SNS, “Fish is always caught in the mouth. He published Talmud’s famous saying, ‘Human beings also get caught with their mouths.’ It was a post that seemed to be aimed at commentator Oh Jae-won, who concluded that the ball that hit Choi Jeong’s body was intentional sand dune.

Commentator Oh Jae-won responded in the same way. Shortly after Yang Chang-seop posted a post, commentator Oh Jae-won also posted Talmud’s maxim on social media, saying, “The foolish person talks what they heard and the wise person talks what they saw.”

The controversy over intentional sandals triggered by commentator Oh Jae-won’s remarks has been further raised by SNS posts between the two after the game, leading to controversy among fans.

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