‘Korean diving signboard’ Woo Ha-ram

 As you regain your health, your confidence grows .Woo Ha-ram (25, Korea Sports Promotion Foundation), a Korean diving star who has completely overcome the aftereffects of a back injury, is looking at an Olympic medal again. Woo Ha-ram, who boarded a flight to Doha, Qatar, at 05:05 on the 28th to participate in the 2024 World Aquatics Championships, met with Yonhap News before departure and said, “I am now completely free from the injury,” and “I felt anxious until the Hangzhou Asian Games last fall. “But now I’m in very good shape. I didn’t feel any discomfort while training. ”Woo Ha-ram, who ranked 4th in the men’s 3m springboard at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, the highest ever in Korean diving, has suffered from severe sluggishness since then. The cause was a back injury. He missed the 2022 Budapest World Championships, and at the 2023 Fukuoka Games, he fell to 19th place in the 3m springboard and missed out on a ticket to the semifinals, which would take him to 18th place. Woo Ha-ram began his rebound by winning a bronze medal in the 1m springboard at the Hangzhou Asian Games last fall and a silver medal in the men’s synchro 3m springboard paired with Jae-kyung Lee (Incheon Metropolitan City Hall).He pondered, “I suffered from injuries and aftereffects for almost two years. Of course, my performance was also disappointing,” and “As I suffered repeated injuries and poor performance, my confidence dropped significantly.”

However, Woo Haram was not frustrated .Woo Ha-ram said, “With the help of many people, I got through this difficult time, and now I have regained both my health and confidence. I will compete in the Doha World Championships with the healthiest body and mind since the Tokyo Olympics. “At the Doha World Championships, which opens on February 2, Woo Ha-ram will compete in the 3m springboard, men’s synchronized 3m springboard, and mixed team competition .The most important event is the 3m springboard, where qualification to the 2024 Paris Olympics is at stake .Diving qualifications for the Paris Olympics are distributed to the National Olympic Committee (NOC), not to individual athletes .If Woo Ha-ram advances to the 3m springboard finals (top 12) at the Doha World Championships, Korean diving will virtually secure one spot for the Paris Olympics .The Korea Swimming Federation is likely to grant tickets to Paris to athletes who have qualified for the Olympics in Korea .In fact, advancing to the finals of the 3m springboard world championships is not a difficult task for Woo Ha-ram when he is healthy.

Woo Ha-ram said, “Ahead of last year’s Fukuoka Games, I was unable to do enough technical training due to the aftereffects of an injury. Now, I have completed my training well. Once I advance to the finals and secure a spot at the Paris Olympics, I will aim for a higher ranking.” said .He set his body clock to the ‘Paris Olympics’ .Woo Ha-ram said, “I’m 100% physically, but not 100% technically . I’m preparing to reach 100% technically this summer when the Paris Olympics are held. Winning a medal at the Paris Olympics is my life’s goal. . After recovering from the injury, I trained even during my vacation. I will come to Doha and check the possibility of winning a medal at the Paris Olympics. ”When leaving Incheon International Airport to compete in the Fukuoka World Championships in July of last year, Woo Haram said with a stern expression, “Because of the injury, my training is too short. To be honest, it is difficult to expect good results. “Before leaving for Doha, Woo Ha-ram’s expression was bright .He explained, “It’s because I trained as much as I wanted to. ”Expectations 카지노사이트킹 for Korean diving for Woo Ha-ram are also growing again.

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