South Korean women’s soccer goalkeeper Yoon Young-gul (BK Hecken) is ending her career.”If a lifetime of life is like a book, then my life as a soccer player has been a chapter in my life,” Yoon said on her social media on Saturday, adding, “I’m going to put the finishing touches on that chapter with the last entence.””I started playing soccer at the age of 13 and have been playing for 23 years,” Yoon wrote. “As a professional who needs to show results, I am ending my 23-year soccer career with a disappointing result, especially at the World Cup for the national 온라인카지노 team. “She has been playing for the Australia-New Zealand Women’s National Team at the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023, which kicked off last month, and started their first group game against Colombia .However, she failed to clear Linda Caicedo’s shot in the first half, setting the stage for the second concession .”But I really prepared the best I could and trained without any shame, so I can honestly say that it was not the life of a soccer player with regrets, but the life of a soccer player who did her best,” Yoon said, adding, “I was a happy soccer player.” Born in 1987, Yoon was called up to the national team in 2015 and has made 29 appearances for South Korea, keeping 15 clean sheets.

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