Wizards reveal creepy minister’s Treasure of the Count

Wizards Games, a subsidiary of Neo Games, is giving players the opportunity to party all night in spectacular but spectacular conditions in its latest release, Treasure of the Count.

Hosting his sanctuary-eating saute, the Earl invited players to join the fun they would be among vampires and a variety of other supernatural creatures. A true, spine-tingling Halloween treat is prepared, and full of potential rewards.

Treasure of the count is a 5×4, 40 payline slot in which players can begin to stagger from victory when cash and collector symbols land together. This triggers the cash collection function and adds the cash symbol to the collection meter.

When full, the count’s treasure function begins, offering additional prize money and pot collection rewards. 슬롯머신

Three scatters can also enjoy a mysterious victory when they land and start counting down the respin. Here, Scatter transforms into a cash prize and maintains his position when he performs three resphines to earn an extra win. Achieving four cash symbols in a column, adding prizes together, and multiplying by reel multiplier yields a maximum prize of 2,500 times.

In some regions, you can purchase the Respins count directly with the Bonus Purchase option.

Recently, “Treasure of the Count” was released following the titles “Ziggling Mystery,” “Wild West Ways,” and “Calacas Carnival,” and “Wizard Games” currently holds more than 150 innovative titles in regulated markets worldwide.

Benedict McDonagh, executive director of Wizards Games, said, “We’re really excited to be in front of players what we think is a very strong and seasonal slot experience. Treasure of the Count is full of features and different chances to win.” Attention to detail is also highlighted in the announcement of this title. We want to see how our partners and players from all over the world react to the game that our development team is rightly proud of.”

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