Why did the “KIA Leadoff” set up an instant repair room on the ground in the top of the first inning?

On the 3rd, the match between Kia Tigers and KT Wiz of the 2022 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League was held at KT Wiz Park in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do. Kia has been on the rise recently with three consecutive wins. Kia’s Park Chan-ho, who appeared as the leadoff hitter in the top of the first inning, hit a clean sin hit against KT starter Bae Je-sung. Later, when Kim Sun-bin was at-bat, he attempted to steal second base and slid to become safe.

The belt that Park Chan-ho was wearing on a fast and rough sliding was broken. After requesting a time, Park Chan-ho was handed a new belt by coach Cho Jae-young and put it on at second base. Players sometimes lose their belts when sliding. However, Park Chan-ho, who is 178 centimeters tall and 72 kilograms, has a long belt. When Kim Sun-bin grounded out to shortstop in the top of the first inning with no outs, second baseman Park Chan-ho was able to advance to third base with a quick start. He also slid at third base, showing his determination to score first. 사설 토토사이트

It was a chance to make the first run with just one hit or an outfield fly in the bottom of the first inning with one out and third base. However, follow-up hitters Na Sung-beom and Hwang Dae-in were struck out by Bae Je-sung, and the chance ended. Park Chan-ho, who had a loose belt, cut a part of the belt with scissors with help from Han Seung-taek, who came out with scissors. Park Chan-ho and Han Seung-taek, who set up a repair room immediately at third base, finished repairing their belts by exchanging jokes.

KT won the game 5-2. KT starter Bae Je-sung broke the cloud over Kia’s rising lineup. He achieved his second win of the season with five hits, four strikeouts and two runs in six innings. Kia starter Lee Eui-ri became a losing pitcher with eight hits, six strikeouts and five runs in six innings. Meanwhile, KIA put Kim Jung-bin as a starter in the game against Changwon NC on the 14th, and NC announced Lee Jae-hak as a starting pitcher.

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