Why did Postecoglou say “I can’t believe it” while looking at the core of the defense of “Hamstring injury early return”?

Britain’s “The Athletic” sheds light on the effects of Van de Pen, who returned on the 16th (Korea time). Van de Pen came to Tottenham from Wolfsburg last summer. He was selected as Christian Romero’s partner and played a great role. Destiny Udogi actively moved between the left and the center, and even if there was a gap, Van de Pen is definitely the cover. He provided a sense of stability with clean tackle and fast speed. He was also very active when he went up aggressively. 토토사이트 순위

Then, he suffered a hamstring injury in the match against Chelsea and was out for a while. While Van de Pen was away, Ben Davies came on as a substitute. His defense was satisfactory, but it did not replace Van de Pen’s impact on offense and defense. Van de Pen returned with Davis out injured. Van de Pen, who returned earlier than expected, made his comeback against Manchester United and although he complained of physical problems in the second half, he announced his comeback to Tottenham fans with good defense.

When asked about Van de Pen in an interview after the match, Enze Postecoglou said, “I can’t believe it.” It was not a criticism but a surprise. “It’s great to play as if you kept playing even though you didn’t play for a long time.” Van de Pen has regained her form even after missing more than two months.

The Athletic said, “Fan the Penn had a fear of surgery. He would have come back later if he got on the operating table. He stayed in London for early treatment and went home to Amsterdam. After recharging, The Penn listened to Tottenham’s medical staff and diligently carried out their duties. He did not disappoint and worked hard to return to London. Tottenham feels good internal solidarity. Son Heung-min and James Medicine seemed to have had a big influence.”

Postecoglou said, “Fan the Penn was very involved in rehabilitation. We didn’t know when to put in the right time, but Van the Penn was confident and showed his ability by overcoming difficult situations.” Romero returned to Van the Penn and even Radu Dragucine joined him. Postecoglou may have eased his worries as he has increased defensive options. Van the Penn will try to regain the good atmosphere in the first half. Van the Penn will bring changes to Tottenham, The Athletic said. “Fan the Penn with speed will put pressure on and harass them from higher up. If Van the Penn recovers his form early in the season, Tottenham will definitely be better than now.”

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