Westgate Theatre limited to 50 NFL viewing party guests

Over the past few years, bettors will have a coveted spot in the Westgate Sportsbook in the hours of the morning before the NCAA Tournament.

In an unprecedented year in 2020, bettors will have to allocate seats to the Westgate International Theatre early Sunday to attend a free-to-watch Football Central party.

For social distancing, the 1,500-seat theater, which usually attracts 1,200 people on the first NFL Sunday of the season, is open to only 50 guests.

“We’ve tried and we’ve tried, but they’re not going to approve more than 50 guests for the theater,” said Jay Cornege, vice president of Westgate Sportsbook. “People are going to have to get there early.

Westgate removed 60% of its sportsbook seats to address social distancing when it reopened in June. Kornegei said the book was limited to 50% capacity.

“We will monitor the number of sponsors in sportsbooks and almost eliminate room-only spaces,” he said. “To enforce social distancing, we need to keep our room-only spectators moving.” 안전 토토사이트

To accommodate more people, Westgate will add two new NFL viewing spaces to its International Bar and Seed Cafe. Each space will be limited to 50 people. The bar will have 12 screens and the restaurant will have nine screens.

“We know how popular football is, and we are doing our best to take care of our guests,” Kornegay said.

South Point is also adding one more NFL viewing space inside the casino, in addition to a sportsbook that can accommodate 50 guests.

“We are doing our best to spread people,” said South Point Sportsbook Director Chris Andrews. “We are implementing good social distancing in a way that allows seats and people to line up.”

To comply with state and CDC guidelines, customers in all Las Vegas books must wear masks and observe social distancing.

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