“Transfer fee 120 billion won x annual salary 26 billion won.” It’s already been confirmed…I’m sure of one fan service

The British Sports Bible said on the 3rd (Korea Standard Time), “Sancho reacted clearly when he was asked to sign a picture of himself wearing a Manchester United uniform. He was kicked out of Carrington’s training ground and is being linked to his former team’s return to Dortmund.”

“Sancho met with fans around the training site. He pulled over and took a picture with them. One young fan handed over a sticker (photo card) wearing a Manchester United uniform, and the fan’s father said, ‘Manchester United is not going to want it.’ Then Sancho replied, “It doesn’t matter.” In fact, Sancho also signed a photo card wearing a Manchester United uniform.

His return to Dortmund is imminent. “According to sources, Manchester United and Dortmund are in talks over Sancho’s loan. Dortmund wants to embrace Sancho until the end of the season, but Manchester United wants to cover most of the weekly wage,” the global media ESPN reported on the transfer.

“Sancho has been sidelined since publicly protesting against Erik ten Hag. He has been deported from the first-team squad for four months since August, and had to train alone. Leipzig also showed interest, but Sancho wants to return to his former coach.” 토토사이트

The release is a given. “My expectation is the same. Sancho will leave in January. The situation is very clear. If Sancho does not apologize (to Ten Hag), nothing changes. I would like to say (the transfer probability) is 99.9 percent at the moment,” he said, hinting at the end of his trip.

The transfer fee that Manchester United invested in Sancho was 85 million euros (about 121.8 billion won). In addition to the club’s highest annual salary, a huge amount of money has been poured into it. The salary amounts to 300,000 pounds (about 500 million won) and 15.6 million pounds (about 26 billion won) in terms of annual salary. However, after publicly making an appeal to manager Ten Hag, he failed to show any signs of apology, leading to a catastrophe.

The possibility of going to Saudi Arabia was once mentioned, but it has been decided to Dortmund for now. If salary-related negotiations are agreed, the return of the former team will take place. Following Donny van der Peek, a “jezza” who left for Frankfurt, Sancho, is also preparing to leave Old Trafford.

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