Tottenham’s possibility of extending Son Heung-min’s contract seems to be welcomed.

Alessdare Gold, a Tottenham reporter for British media “Football London,” said, “It would be a shock if Son Heung-min is not offered a new contract. There is no reason not to do so,” he said, responding that the extension of the accompanying was natural.

Spurs Web, a Tottenham fan site, said, “Tottenham does not usually offer long-term contracts to players over 30. However, Son is an exception. He welcomed the possibility of extending the accompaniment, saying, “I feel like I will continue to show the best performance for several years.”

Paul Brown, a reporter for the sports media Give Me Sports, also predicted that Son Heung-min will sign a new contract with Tottenham. 토토사이트 추천

Brown said, “I think Son Heung-min has become the captain of Tottenham and is happier than anyone else. I’m taking it to heart. “We are incredibly respected among the wider fan base beyond the squad,” he said, referring to his presence.

“There seems to be no reason for Son Heung-min to leave Tottenham at all. Tottenham also loves Son Heung-min. I will sign a new contract. I think I’ll stay for a while,” he added.

The reason why Tottenham wants to catch Son Heung-min is that they don’t want to repeat missing a key player called Kane. There was a detailed report saying that they wanted it.

The British media “Telegraph” noted, “Tottenham will invoke the option of extending its contract with Son Heung-min in order not to repeat the case of breaking up with Kane.”

British media ‘Football London’ also said, “Tottenham learned a lesson from Kane’s transfer. This led to Daniel Levy’s corner, he said.

Details of Tottenham’s push to extend Son Heung-min’s contract came out.

British media “Football Insider” suggested a new possibility, saying, “Tottenham plans to hold talks for Son Heung-min’s long-term contract in the near future.”

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