This is happening in the Buffalo Bills, a casino in Prim.

In a worst-case scenario, if an unused room or gambling place becomes too expensive to maintain, the unused room or gambling place will become unusable at all. Experts at last month’s global gaming expo trade show and conference said the worsening economy would force casinos to take bolder steps to cut costs.

Cory Morowitz, a New Jersey-based gaming consultant, recommended contingency plans at the conference, such as increasing employee ratios and flexibility in union contracts.

He said some cost-cutting options are obvious but may be overlooked. At one major casino, a manager who researches the source of a vendor’s fruit basket found the copier in every office, he said. 메이저 토토사이트

Casinos are gearing up for a rough few weeks as they await the biggest event of the year, New Year’s Eve, in Las Vegas. In recent months, some metrics, such as gambling revenue, have fallen more dramatically than they have since 9/11, which has raised transportation concerns more than demand problems for Las Vegas casinos.

The widespread slowdown in consumption has made Americans cautious about their spending. Tourism and consumption have been declining despite falling gasoline prices.

Morowitz said management was wary of a drop in revenue, like Tropicana Atlantic City, where staff cuts went too deep following a false analysis of demand at resort hotels as it tries to balance cost cuts with service delivery. Tropicana has expanded over the years, requiring more staff than nearby properties and more efficiently designed properties.

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