There’s a reason why “Lee Kang-in and murder tag” is here!”Nomark is in crisis. Back tackle? I’m going to do it again”

Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid (ATM) will face off in the semifinals of the Supercopa de España at 4 a.m. on the 11th, and Real midfielder Federico Valverde’s fatal back tackle, which blocked him from winning the ATM in 2020, has become a hot topic.

In the SuperCoppa final where Real and ATM faced off in the 2019-2020 season, the two teams remained in a tight balance of 0-0 with extra time. However, in the 10th minute of the second half of extra time with five minutes left until the end of the game, ATM striker Alvaro Morata received a golden pass in a counterattack and started running about 40 meters. Valverde and Dani Carvajal, who were in charge of Real’s defense, followed suit, but they couldn’t catch it.

At this time, Valverde threw himself at Morata and hung the back tag on him. Morata immediately fell and looked disappointed and angry, and Valverde, who interfered with the clear scoring opportunity, was immediately sent off with a red card.

Real Madrid won the match 4-1 after five minutes or so. It is the first time that the two teams have won the match since the 2017-2018 season. 경마

On the day, Valverde was evaluated by both teams as having a difference between heaven and earth. Real fans applauded Valverde for saving his team from losing points by allowing a bold back-tackle exit, while ATM fans strongly criticized him, saying it was against sportsmanship.

And ahead of the match between the two teams, who will face off again in Supercopa this season, Valverde himself expressed his thoughts on the back tackle at the time.

Spanish media outlet Marca held a press conference before the match against Valverde on Thursday, asking if he would like to repeat his past tackles. “Of course. If I were asked to do it again, I could do it again,” Valverde said in a proud attitude.

“If we were losing 0-3, we wouldn’t have tackled (the loss was meaningless),” he said. “It was the final and it was 0-0. I will tackle the same thing for my team and for my value,” he said. “I have to be ready to put down anything for my team.”

ATM coach Diego Simeone also highly valued Valverde’s sacrifice. “I told him that Valverde is the real man of the match (MOM) and that he did what he should have done. MOM should give it to the best player in the game. Valverde won the game with that tackle, so he is a real MOM,” he told a news conference after a painful defeat in 2020.

At the time, he lightly tapped Valverde’s head, who was sent off and left, showing a generous response that could not be considered an enemy commander.

Valverde drew attention when he made an absurd tackle on Lee Kang-in in the 2022 Qatar World Cup Korea-Urugia showdown and immediately threw a fist and roared. In February of the following year, against Real-Mayorka in La Liga, he collapsed Majorca ace Lee Kang-in strongly and smiled, drawing great criticism from Korean soccer fans.

Real will hunt for the first trophy in two years since the 2021-2022 season. In addition to Real and ATM, CA Osasuna, who participated as the runner-up in last season’s Copa del Rey (Spain FA Cup), and FC Barcelona, the winner of last season’s La Liga, will play against each other. If Real wins the championship, it will have 13 wins, just behind Barcelona, which has 14 wins.

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