There was a reason why SON led Tottenham in the EPL! “Working more on the gate”

Tottenham Hotspur are off to a flying start this season. A positive atmosphere is being detected as he cruises under Enze Postecoglou.

Tottenham beat Luton Town 1-0 in the eighth round of the EPL. Yves Bissouma was outnumbered, but secured three points by keeping Mickey van der Ben’s first goal.

Tottenham will be able to keep its top position in the EPL as Arsenal overpowered Manchester City.

Tottenham have not won the EPL since the last 1960/61 season. It is similar to the trend at the time, so fans are expecting something they may not know.

Captain Son Heung-min has a large stake in Tottenham’s No. 1 run. Harry Kane is showing off his presence as a front-line striker amid the transfer and sluggish Hishalisson. He scored a hat-trick in the fourth round against Burnley this season, marking a good start.

Son Heung-min achieved his fourth career hat trick against Burnley this season after Southampton (2020/21), Aston Villa (2021/22), and Leicester City (2022/23).

Son also shone in the North London derby against Arsenal. He saved Tottenham from defeat by scoring multiple goals. 토토사이트

Son scored seven goals in the North London derby against Arsenal. That’s more than Robin van Persie, Gareth Bale and Thierry Henry with five points.

Son Heung-min also scored 150 goals in his Tottenham uniform through multiple goals against Arsenal.

Son Heung-min’s toes were also hot in the match against Liverpool. He achieved his 200th career goal in Europe by scoring a goal.

Son Heung-min won the EPL Player of the Month award by scoring six goals in four matches in September. It is the fourth time in his career after September 2016, April 2017, and October 2020.

Son Heung-min played in 47 games last season and scored 14 goals and six assists in attack points.

On the other hand, he has scored six goals in nine appearances this season. Early in the season, he caught up with nearly half of last season’s goals.

Son Heung-min’s performance was for a reason. This is Postecoglou’s position.

Britain’s “Sky Sports” said, “There were many expectations that Harry Kane’s transfer would adversely affect Son Heung-min. “This is because the two players have scored more goals than any other duo in EPL history,” he said.

“Son Heung-min was selected as the EPL September player with six goals. Coach Postecoglou’s position adjustment allowed him to get a new start, he added.

Analysts say that Postecoglou, who intends to use Son Heung-min as a front-line striker, saved both the player and the team.

Sky Sports’ said, “Tottenham has a dedicated player who scores a goal called Son Heung-min and creates space for his fellow players.” I’m working on the Kane transfer,” he said.

“Son Heung-min is doing more at the gate. “He recorded less than 10% of touches, but this season it’s close to 20%.”

Along with this, “Son Heung-min scored all six goals under Postecoglou at the gate.” It is a useful example of a position change,” he added.

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