There is no second ‘Kane incident’… Tottenham preparing to renew contract with Son Heung-min, Captain Son on the path of legend

According to a report by British media Football London on the 12th, Tottenham will negotiate a contract renewal with Son Heung-min, whose contract ends in the summer of 2024. Tottenham’s leadership and manager Enze Postecoglou are classifying Son Heung-min as a player who must be caught and drawing a blueprint to sign a contract.

The media highlighted Son’s performance this season and analyzed that Tottenham will not allow Son Heung-min to transfer, saying, “Tottenham will not take the risk of transferring him like they sent Harry Kane away this year.” Son Heung-min is in his early 30s, born in 1992, but Tottenham clearly shows its willingness not to miss the team’s top star through a new contract.

Son Heung-min is currently a star and team captain representing Tottenham. Son Heung-min became the face of the team when Kane moved to German Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich through the transfer market last summer. Many fans of Tottenham were hurt by Kane’s transfer, and Son Heung-min is filling the vacancy brilliantly. 안전 토토사이트

Son is also Tottenham’s highest paid salary. Son is known to earn 190,000 pounds per week. He is slightly ahead of Ivan Perisic (170,000 pounds) and James Madison (160,000 pounds).

Just by looking at his records, one can see what Son Heung-min is like in Tottenham Hotspur. Since joining Tottenham in 2015, Son has played for a total of nine seasons. He played in a total of 284 matches in the English Premier League alone, scoring 113 goals and 56 assists. If the UEFA club competition record is included, his stat will increase further with 24 goals scored in 61 matches. He is also sixth in overall goal tally for Tottenham.

Son’s performance is remarkable this season as well. Although he played only 16 matches, he scored 10 goals in the Premier League, becoming the star of the record of double-digit goals scored for the eighth consecutive season. There is no reason why Tottenham should not choose to renew the contract.

Son Heung-min’s loyalty to Tottenham is well known to be very strong. As he is very satisfied with Tottenham and London life, Son Heung-min is expected to decide to renew his contract without difficulty.

Son Heung-min is already considered to be a legend of Tottenham. If he signs a contract and plays for more than 10 seasons, he will remain a Tottenham legend without a doubt.

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