“There is a sinkhole in Tottenham’s midfield.” Man City’s fat history Kereuk aims at MF! “But can you beat Newcastle?”

According to reporter Rudy Galetti, who is well versed in the European transfer market, Tottenham is considering recruiting Kalvin Phillips for Manchester City in January.

However, Newcastle United are known to have the upper hand in the race to recruit Phillips.

“Tottenham’s recruitment of Philips will be a perfect reinforcement. It is unclear whether Manchester City will allow the loan or dispose of it completely,” said the British soccer site Footballfast.

Tottenham had a huge sinkhole in the midfield during the season. First of all, James Madison, the playmaker, collapsed.

Maddison’s game against Chelsea collapsed due to injury and was replaced early. There was a prospect that the injury would not be significant, and the England national team was on board. However, things changed immediately. He was not in a good condition than expected and dropped out.

Tottenham is on alert as Madison is expected to return next year. Manager Enze Postecoglou said, “The injury is more serious than I thought. We won’t be able to see it until next year.”

Madison left Leicester City for Tottenham ahead of the opening of this season and took on a new challenge. 안전놀이터

As soon as Madison joined the team, he became a lucky player by playing the role of Tottenham’s vice-captain. He is showing off his presence as a playmaker by creating chances and ranking in the top of the penalty box entry pass.

Madison is currently at the top of the PL with five assists this season. On top of that, according to soccer statistics site “Squoca,” the team has been at the top of the list in creating PL chances and passing through the gate.

Tottenham has another gap in the midfield. Engine Rodrigo Bentancur was also out of power due to injury.

Bentancur complained of pain in the 27th minute of the match against Aston Villa after being tripped over by a tackle on Matty Cash. He returned to the ground after treatment, but was replaced after determining he could no longer play.

Tottenham also said on its official channel, “Bentancourt will be out of power for two months due to injury.”

Bentancur’s injury is unfortunate because he worked hard on rehabilitation after collapsing last season and has just returned.

Tottenham operated a radar network to reinforce the midfield and seems to be paying attention to Philips of Manchester City.

Philips’ talent has exploded at Leeds United. He moved to Manchester City in July 2022 after receiving positive reviews for his performance and passing skills.

In particular, as he stood out in the England national team through Euro 2020, he emerged as a holy star and star who will take responsibility for the future of the England national team.

However, after the 2022 Qatar World Cup, Manchester City did not have as many opportunities as expected. Failure to manage oneself was decisive. Fatty made a dark history.

Pep Guardiola, manager of Manchester City, said, “I came back after the World Cup because I became overweight. I don’t know why.”

Fatty controversial Phillips has failed to regain his old skills and consistently failed to catch a chance at Manchester City.

“This season is not the best of Manchester City players. I am playing as a substitute. I lost ground in Manchester City as I lost ground in competition with promising player Rico Lewis.

Phillips seems determined. He plans to find a new destination through the January transfer window.

Phillips’ willingness to escape to Manchester City is genuine. He is determined to find a new team as he does not have to pay the salary he currently earns.

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