“The worst penalty shootout I’ve seen in 36 years”… Oh, what was the penalty shootout like → Home fans exploded!!

British media “Daily Mail” said on the 20th (Korea time), “Onana is being criticized by fans after she missed the quarterfinals of the League Cup against Fulham.” Everton had a fierce battle with Fulham for the semifinal, but ended the League Cup journey with a 6-7 defeat in the penalty shootout.

Everton and Fulham traded fiercely for 90 minutes of regular time, balancing the score at 1-1. The two teams, which went into the shootout without extra time in line with regulations, opened the door to the shootout with Everton’s first goal.

The first player to kicker for Everton was Beto, the striker. Beto neatly succeeded and took a 1-0 lead. Newcastle picked Andreas Peheira as their opponent. Peheira also calmly scored on the shootout to tie the score at 1-1. 카지노사이트 순위

Both teams made it to the third kicker and engaged in a tight race, but the situation that could have ended came from the fourth kicker. Of each team’s fourth kicker, Everton Arnaut Danjuma succeeded, but Fulham-Bobby Reed missed. If Everton fifth kicker Onana succeeded in the matchup, the victory would have been Everton. However, Onana approached the ball with a rather embarrassing step and kicked the ball sloppy and blew the chance.

According to the Daily Mail, Onana jumped twice as she approached to kick the ball and kicked the ball inside her feet. It is better to kick inside the foot to increase accuracy, but the power of the shot is much lower than that of the foot, so it was a kick that only the so-called “strong heart” tried.

Onana seemed to be trying to save the accuracy, but sadly, the ball was easily sucked into the opponent’s goalkeeper Bernd Leno’s arms. The ball kicked by Onana headed toward Leno’s body and was relatively simple to prevent. Onana was distressed, holding her head right after her miss.

Was it because Everton players were shaken by his mistake? Idrissa Gueye, the eighth kicker of Everton, missed the ball by hitting the left post. Defender Toshin Adarabioyo, who came up to secure Fulham’s victory at the 6-6 tie, scored a goal that even Jordan Pickford, the starting goalkeeper of the English national team, could not block.

Onana’s shot was extremely poor. Fans cheered on the field and witnessed the ridiculous penalty shootout, especially as the game was held at Goodison Park, home to Everton. She became even more furious. Some fans blamed Onana for the loss, strongly criticizing her on social media.

One fan said, “Oh my god, that was the worst penalty shootout I’ve ever seen. I kicked the ball in a very silly position. Set a direction and stop the bizarre jumps.”

Another fan criticized, “Oh Nanana was such a conceited XX. He’s not playing for the team, he’s such a selfish guy,” and expressed anger, saying, “It’s the worst shootout I’ve seen in Goodison Park in 36 years.”

However, not all fans are shooting arrows at Onana. One fan said, “Onana’s kick was really bad, but she’s a young player. She’s still learning,” while another fan praised her character, saying, “Onana was the last person to leave the stadium and thanked fans for their mistakes.”

It is publicly known that penalty kicks and penalties are a burden to many players. Above all, Onana has ample room to grow into a 22-year-old player. In addition, considering that Everton have recently lost 10 points due to their financial fair play rules, some analysts say that they may have been burdened with the burden of having to succeed in the League Cup games.

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