The worst outcome for Manchester United.

If Copenhagen and Galatasaray had not drawn, United could have been aiming for a UEL ticket given to the third-place finisher in the group. However, they failed to catch Munich at home, which was not very motivated. Manchester United also scored a whopping 15 goals in the tournament’s six group matches. This was the highest number of goals conceded in a single UCL group stage in Manchester United’s history.

When the draw was originally confirmed, soccer fans expected that Manchester United and Munich would compete for the top spot in the group. Copenhagen and Galatasaray, who are considered one-up in history, would not be easy to advance to the round of 16. However, Copenhagen overturned everyone’s expectations and succeeded in advancing to the round of 16. On the other hand, Manchester United, which finished third in the Premier League last season, completely collapsed and fell to the bottom of the group. 메이저 토토사이트

Munich, on the other hand, completely reversed the atmosphere. Munich was under fire from the local media for its previous defeat in Frankfurt, but it completely reversed the atmosphere by winning the away match against Manchester United without allowing any points. Compared to the match against Frankfurt, Munich players played with more concentration.

Kim Min-jae also showed disappointing performance in the match against Frankfurt. He played full time, but got a low rating. “Kim Min-jae had fast speed and won several competitions. However, he contracted by himself, and when Frankfurt players targeted Kim Min-jae, he lost the ball several times,” he severely criticized.

However, Kim Min-jae on the day was different. He completely blocked Manchester United’s strikers, including Hoyloon and Antony. Footmob, a soccer statistics magazine, gave Kim a 7.2 rating after the match. Kim made 83 passes out of 88 passes in the match against Manchester United, recording a 94 percent success rate, and 95 touches in total. In addition, he made 2 of 4 long passes and 5 passes in the attacking area. He then scored 1 tackle, boasting a 100 percent tackle success rate, and successfully made 2 kicks, 1 header clear, and 1 interception.

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