The United States has also been a big focus for many affiliated service providers

The United States has also been a big focus for many affiliated service providers. But the need to get operating permits in all states leaves many companies, leaving only those with large budgets to remain. As globalization trends become more pronounced and marketing restrictions have been tightened in some European jurisdictions, many affiliates have begun pioneering casino markets in Asia, LATAM, Africa, and CIS block countries. The gambling markets in Canada and Australia have also stood out recently. 온라인경마

Affiliates face a number of challenges as they enter new jurisdictions. Experts from Casino Beats Summit’s panel “New Market Pioneers” unanimously said detailed market research is the key to a successful launch in the new realm. Johan Styren, CEO of Delanti Media, emphasized the importance of embracing a new culture. Styrene cited Japan, where applying the popular Pachinko game to virtual slot machines was a huge success. The expert also noted that building trust with customers is essential for affiliates, especially in the Asian market.

According to Marcos Oliveira, CMO at Clever Advertising Group, entering a new market is always a process of trial and error. Extensive knowledge of the payment methods and types of games popular in a country can help avoid some mistakes. In any case, affiliates must wait for traffic to come in and analyze audience responses while optimizing their content accordingly. Affiliates must adhere to a revenue-sharing business model and build their strategy from a long-term perspective.

Alison Brincat, head of Brands’ affiliates, believes that affiliates should take into account all aspects of the market and create the best user experience. At every stage of the marketing process, communication between operators and affiliates is also important, Brincat added.

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