The Taiwan is an undeveloped border

Taiwan’s presidential campaign has revived discussions about legalizing its casinos, which is good news for Larry Wolf and his Las Vegas-based Navegante casino management team.

Mr. Wolf, a longtime Las Vegas gaming executive, has spent the past three years squeezing out a 27-acre beachfront parcel on Taiwan’s Fenghu Island to develop a potential hotel, casino and resort. His patience may come to fruition.

The opportunity to play games in Taiwan was all but eliminated in December, when Taiwan’s parliament did not pass measures that could legalize casinos. The issue was given a fresh boost last month when both of Taiwan’s leading presidential candidates said they would support passing the gaming bill.

Game analysts said Taiwan is one of several Asian markets that are considering gaming as a way to expand their tourism and economic base. Many countries have seen Macau with envy. Last year, gaming revenues exceeded $10.3 billion in the center of China’s gaming industry, and more than 27 million people traveled to the market.

Two large resorts and entertainment developments are under construction in Singapore. Casinos are part of the attractions. Jonathan Galaviz, partner at Las Vegas-based Globalis, which consults companies around the world on tourism-related issues, doubted Taiwan would follow Singapore’s example. 안전 토토사이트

“If Taiwan legalizes casino games, casino games should only take place in the context of large, multibillion-dollar integrated resort development, which is only one component of greater entertainment offerings,” Galaviz said. “Taiwan, like many other countries in Asia, sees improved tourism visits as an important component of its future economic growth profile.”

Wolf believes the site he controls, along with Amazing Holdings, a land developer registered on the Isle of Man and listed on the London Stock Exchange’s alternative investment market, is the most viable gaming opportunity in the country.

“We’re betting that our site is a strategic best-positioned opportunity,” Wolff said. “We own the land freely and clearly, one of the largest commercial locations on the island and the most likely place for the government to want to find a casino.”

The initial plan would require a 600-room hotel with 130,000 square feet of casinos. Amazing Holdings Chief Operating Officer Carl Burger said the site, which has about 250 feet of beach, could be configured to include two or three resorts.

Wolf is the director and CEO of Amazing. Navegante, founded by Wolf in 1995, will run the casino for Amazing. The company currently operates games in the Sahara Desert, Casino Fandango in Carson City, and casinos in Las Vegas and Elko. Previously, Navegante operated casinos in Canada.

Mr. Berger said that Fenghu Island has its own airport, a well-designed highway system, and is about 500 miles from Macau. He said that land accumulation, which includes more than 100 different parcels of land, is essential through deals with about 287 owners.

“We put the game in a position to take advantage of it once it became legal,” Berger said. “The entire island is very unspoiled and we have the best position.”

Bill Lerner, a game analyst at Deutsche Bank, said the Wolf contingent likely did the most to prepare for the game in Taiwan. He said it makes sense for Taiwan to go ahead with the gamble based on its success in Macau and Singapore’s expected profitability.

“There’s still a lot of work to be done, but the question will be how many licenses there are,” Runner said. “If (Amazing) is the only site that can get a license, they’re in great shape.”

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