The slot player pinches the coin

While major casinos are attracting Las Vegas visitors with huge discounts and other perks, their slot business continues to struggle. And that’s bad news for Nevada, where slots make up about two-thirds of the state’s gaming revenue.

Slot users paid slot users $1.1 billion less in July than they did in the same month a year ago, according to a monthly report released today by the Game Control Board. The number of slot users dropped by $500 million. Those pennies can really add up. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

Slot volumes were down 12% in July compared with a year ago, the worst decline in the past seven consecutive months that slot spending is falling and the latest sign that the figure is worsening. Slot volumes, by comparison, were down 10% in June.

These figures may hit rock bottom, especially in a situation where oil prices are falling. In July, drivers were paying more than $4 a gallon. The July figures were not skewed by the hold on previous month’s slot earnings included in next month’s figures. While I’m worried about slot numbers for casinos, oddly, table gameplay has bucked the downward trend.

The amount of table games on Strip went up 5 percent. This is true for high-end games as well as for low-end games in general. Bakara games went up 15 percent and Black Jack went up 7 percent. However, Strip casinos got 21 percent less from table game players in July because they were especially lucky to win a higher percentage of bets than the typical one.

Analysts on Wall Street said the overall decline in revenue would have been much less if such a vote share had been more typical. Casinos that haven’t completely eliminated the risk in their gambling business seem to need all the luck they can.

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