The parent group’s 19 billion capital increase investment, FA recruitment, and strong training…I think I’ve succeeded in improving my body

This year, I tried to make a lesson of last year’s failure. During the offseason and spring camp, Lotte trained more harshly than any other season. With intense physical training, I prepared fully to not get tired in the long-term race. 안전놀이터

Above all, unlike before, it was this year when investment was based. Since last year, the baseball team has received full investment amid the Lotte Group’s great interest. In October last year, its parent company, Lotte Holdings, made a paid-in capital increase of 19 billion won to the Lotte Giants baseball team. Unlike the past three years, which took place in the midst of fostering and retooling, this year had to rise to a higher rank unconditionally.

With 19 billion won in investment given by the group, Lotte signed a non-FA multi-year contract of up to 9 billion won for five years with native ace Park Se-woong and accelerated its strength by recruiting catcher Yoo Kang-nam (8 billion won for four years), infielder Noh Jin-hyuk (5 billion won for four years) and pitcher Han Hyun-hee (3+1 years, up to 4 billion won for three years) in the FA market. In addition, he transformed the entire team by embracing a large number of released players, including Ahn Kwon-soo, Kim Sang-soo, Shin Jung-rak, Yoon Myung-jun and Junghoon Lees. He was determined to fly with new players.

The improvement seemed to be successful. The FA investment also had a significant effect. Veteran Yoo Kang-nam’s home turf was different from the catcher’s previous trial and error, and Noh Jin-hyuk led the team to victory at every crisis with his unique clutch ability. Han Hyun-hee also played a role in the starting lineup, supporting the team’s collapse.

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