The Museum of Old and New Art

The Museum New and old art museums and federal organizations propose a high roller casino in Hobart, Tasmania, announced earlier today that it is considering a project with gambling operator Federal Group to establish a new casino targeting only high-roller players.

If approved by the Tasmanian government, the site will be located on the site of the museum. According to local media, no further information regarding a potential agreement between the Federal Group and Mona has been released. And given the fact that casinos only aim to attract the wealthiest players, the exact details of the deal are unlikely to be disclosed. However, Tasmanian Treasury officials have confirmed that there are ongoing discussions on the issue.

Currently, Federal Group is the only licensee to offer poker machines, table games, and Keno functions on its properties across Tasmania.

Previously, Mona had expressed interest in launching a boutique casino dedicated to high roller players. However, the Federal Group will have to rewrite its contract with the Tasmanian government for the proposal to be approved. 슬롯머신

Tasmanian Finance Minister Peter Gutwein said the casino operator was ready to implement the necessary changes to the Federal Group’s license if it reached an agreement with MONA. Mr Gutwein also told local media that an offer for a gaming facility was submitted weeks ago.

As mentioned above, if interested parties agree to the terms of the deal and are approved to proceed with the plan, the new casino will offer gambling options exclusively for the high roller. Casino experts believe the property will attract wealthy visitors from Europe and North America as well as the Asia-Pacific region.

The announcement of a potential deal between Mona and the Federal Group came as independent member Andrew Wilkie of Hobart proposed bidding for the gambling operator’s license.

The Federal Group is an important supporter of both the Tasmanian Labour Party and the Liberals, according to public donation papers. However, officials point out that this will never affect their final decision on whether the Mona casino proposal will be approved or rejected.

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