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Can Manchester United’s Jadon Sancho (23) leave the winter transfer window. British media “Daily Mail” reported on the 7th that “Juventus is interested in recruiting Sancho on loan in the January transfer market.”

The Sun, a British media outlet, said, “If Manchester United agree to pay 175,000 pounds (about 288 million won), half of Sancho’s 350,000 pounds (about 577 million won) a week, Juventus could sign a lease.” Juventus want weekly assistance. Juventus is likely to sign a full transfer contract with Sancho next summer, he added. 스포츠토토

Sancho was the biggest player in the European football transfer market when he was in Dortmund. He ranked at the top of the German Bundesliga in scoring and helping. Big clubs, as well as Manchester United, lined up to see Sancho. Manchester United won the recruitment match and succeeded in bringing in Sancho with a transfer fee of £73 million (about 120.5 billion won).

However, there has been no presence since joining Manchester United. His influence over the two seasons was not significant. It was similar under Erik ten Hach last season. He had just seven goals and three assists in a total of 41 games. Criticism of Sancho grew among Manchester United fans. Then, he became the star of this summer’s transfer rumor. In particular, it was connected to Tottenham.

Sancho remains in the team despite various transfer rumors. However, the conflict with coach Ten Ha-ch has grown even more. This is because there was a disagreement over whether to use it or not. Explaining why Sancho was excluded from the list against Arsenal in the fourth round of the Premier League, manager Ten Haach claimed that “he failed to produce results in training.”

Sancho refuted this claim. “I was well trained,” Sancho said on his social networking service account. There must be other reasons. I’ve been a victim for a long time,” he said, complaining of unfairness.

Since then, the atmosphere within the team has been chaotic. Sancho was even excluded from first-team training as he lost his chance to play. Sancho needs an apology to close the conflict with coach Tenhach and play again. His colleagues, including Marcus Rashford, Harry Maguire and Luke Shaw, advised him to apologize. But Sancho refused. At the same time, I was even notified that the first-tier facilities were not available.

It seems clear that he will leave United. Where to go in the January transfer market is the biggest key. Along with his former team Borussia Dortmund, Juventus also participated in the recruitment race. What’s left is expected to be a weekly negotiation with the rental transfer fee.

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