The great realization of the native ace who won the ‘Best Season’…Turning Point in May

LG’s bench ahead of the season finale game against Doosan Bears in Jamsil on the 15th. LG manager Yeom Kyung-yeop commented on the starting pitcher Lim Chan-kyu on the same day.

If he fills five innings, he will fill the prescribed innings for the first time in three years since 2020. The unforgettable 2023 season. LG native ace made a great appearance in the finale. He went for 14 wins along with the regular pitching innings. It was successful at the same time.

He finished the season with 14 wins (3 losses, 3.42 ERA) in five ⅔ innings with four hits, one walk, three strikeouts and one run in five innings, ranking third in multiple wins after NC Peddy and KT Benjamin, and the most wins as native starters. It is the largest individual win in a season, exceeding 11 wins in 2018. It was the best performance ever in the FA re-entry season.

He turned four innings, excluding the second and sixth innings, into three outs and a point, into a three-and-out. He stole the timing of Doosan batters with a fastball of up to 146km and a large curve. As a native ace who will take the heavy responsibility of starting the second and third Korean series, he pitched well in the finale, throwing relief on the bench.

A ceremony to present the trophy after the game. As a pitcher, he lifted his dream trophy. 토토사이트

“It was a lot heavier than I thought.” It’s been 29 years (there were no regular-season trophies at the time in 1994), and when I was young, I lost the Korean Series in 2002. It was my first time seeing it. I was able to listen to it together because the club was considerate of me as a pitching captain. I’m really grateful to the club and I think I’m very grateful to my team members

Lim Chan-kyu waved his hands at the word “native ace.” He has become more mature in thinking about the team than himself.

“It’s just that my grades fell well with the help of my team members this year. I think it’s only a few games to say that I played the ace myself. I think the biggest thing is that I should throw more than this score for the next two or three years. Since I couldn’t sacrifice for the team last year, I think I got a better result when I prepared for the season for the team. I think it’ll be a great help to prepare for the season going forward.”

The secret to making the best season after beating last year’s slump. Lim Chan-kyu spoke last May. Director Yeom Kyung-yeop had his own unique skill.

“Last May was the turning point. The director said that. “Even if the ball drops, even if it comes out 135km, I will put it on the mound, so your responsibility will be 90 to 100 pitches in the future. He said, “Responsible innings are more than five innings.” It’s the first time I’ve heard this while playing baseball. I think that’s when the new baseball started because the manager gave me the number of balls and the minimum number of innings. “No matter how I throw it, I thought that you would trust me and leave it to me, so I tried a little more differently, and I think it was an opportunity to relax and throw it.”

The final goal is now left. He won the Korean Series. Flutko’s departure made his shoulders heavy. Following Kelly, Choi Won-tae should be responsible for the second and third games. I’ve already started image training like a thorough preparation.

“I think I need detailed image training. I think I need to think about everything, including the weather, and it may not go as I thought, but if I get more greedy, I will use too much power, so I think I need to relax and prepare to throw. I think we can discuss it with the coach and the coach in Icheon and get ready to sleep.”

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